Free Halloween Labels Printable

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Simple solutions are usually the best. Simply labeling your holiday decoration tubs and boxes can make a big impact on your organizing and time saving. This time of year is busy enough and there’s no reason to needlessly waste time searching for decorations. Use this free Halloween labels printable and get organized in just minutes.

top image - 2 Halloween organizing labels, bottom image - 2 orange and black tubs with organizing labels on the front with title text reading Free Halloween Labels Printable

The time from September when school starts through early January is the busiest time of the year. Every single minute is occupied with activities and family celebrations. I don’t want to waste a single minute searching for holiday decorations. Simply labeling your decoration storage boxes will save you time and headaches during this busy time of year.

Free Halloween Labels Printable

Why Use Labels

  • Make it easy to find what you’re looking for. If you use plain boxes or tubs, the Halloween labels visually identify which boxes hold your Halloween decorations. The list of contents help you find that one specific item you’re looking for 
  • Make it easy to pack decorations away. The list of contents reminds where everything goes.
  • Makes it easy for other family member to help you. 
  • Helps you find your decorations when you move and haven’t yet organized your storage area.
collage of colorful worksheets with featured cover page with 3 ghosts with party hats.

It took me years before I fully understood how helpful it is to label storage boxes and tubs, including decorations. Now using labels is one of my key tips in How to Store Decorations for Halloween.


  • Shipping Label Sheet or Printer Paper
  • Jack O’Lantern Halloween Label Printable and Bat Halloween Label Printable – Get the free labels below.
  • Packing Tape – If you use printer paper for your label.
  • Permanent Marker

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collage of colorful worksheets with featured cover page with 3 ghosts with party hats.

organizing label with jack o'lantern

Simply print out your label. Fill out the label with the contents of each box. This will help you when you get out the decorations at the beginning of the month. It will also help you when you pack away the decorations at the end of the month since you’ll know exactly where each item belongs.

organizing label with bat image

I pack my decorations away by each room or area of my home. So I have each box labeled by where in my home the decorations go. This helps me if I have to decorate over several days (doggone busy mom schedule!)

Go ahead and print out your free Halloween Labels printable now. You’ll be ready when you take out your decorations in just a few days. 

Resources for Creating and Using Your Printables

For all my favorite Halloween crafts, games, printables and recipes see the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. These labels are a great way to easily find your holiday decorations. The images on them make it easy to scan the boxes, and find the Halloween images. I also like how the tubs are orange too.

  2. This is a great idea! I wish I would have done this a year ago, so I knew where my Halloween decorations are, lol.

    We’re going to shop for Halloween decor this weekend, so I think I’ll pick up bins and print off labels, and have them ready!

  3. I agree, simple solutions are the best. Love the labels but also like that you used orange tubs. There will be no mistaking what is in these tubs!

  4. Susan,
    Thank you so much for these fun labels. Such a simple thing helps
    us stay organized and less frustrated trying to search for something
    we are looking for.

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