Easy Candy Wreath

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My “baby” at college gave me a challenge a couple of weeks ago.  She told me that her college dorm has an unofficial decorating competition going on.  She appealed to both my mom and blogger sides (smart girl!) and asked if I could help her decorate her room for Christmas.  I thought about it for about 1 second and, of course, I accepted the challenge.  What’s the best way to win the hearts of college students in a decorating competition?  Free candy, of course!  I remembered how popular candy wreaths were at my first job and so I created this easy candy wreath for my daughter.  Oh, and it’s a great way to use up left-over Halloween candy (and get it out of my house!). This candy wreath is perfect for college students or deployed soldiers because it’s easily used up and the remaining wreath base can be recycled after the holidays.

Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31

Grab left-over Halloween candy or run to the store now and pick up some on-sale candy.  Pick a holiday colored candy that is in individual plastic wrapping.  You’ll be hot gluing the candy down to the wreath so you need packaging that will survive hot glue.



Cardboard box

Craft paint & paint brush

Hot glue


Nesting bowls


Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31


Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31

I grabbed a cardboard box from my cardboard box stash (doesn’t everyone have a cardboard box stash?!).  Use 2 nesting bowls to create your wreath.

Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31

Paint the cardboard wreath to blend in with your candy.  Hot glue the candy to the wreath.  Glue the first layer on the outside edge of the wreath and layer the second row on top of the first layer.  It works best if you glue the end of the packaging to make it easier to remove the candy from the wreath.

Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31

Layer the candy to make the wreath look full but not too heavy to hang up on the wall.

Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31

In about 15 minutes (plus paint drying time) you have a festive holiday wreath. So what do you think, will my daughter’s hall win the competition?  Who do you know that would enjoy an easy candy wreath?

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  2. Hi Susan – Your daughter will certainly win the contest for best wreath! That is… if it makes it until judging… you certainly hit the mark on both pretty, creative, functional, and yummy! And what a perfect way to get rid of all of the leftover candy. Thanks for the great idea! Hugs, Holly

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