Easy DIY Ornaments

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close up of 2 gold Christmas ball ornaments and a pink one with monogrammed letters in red dots on pine branch

I know this will come as a surprise to you, but I enjoy crafting. I enjoy crafting with my children. It’s a precious way to spend time with them and create memories for all of us. One tradition that I treasure is crafting Christmas ornaments to commemorate each year. With three busy teens, we don’t have time for complicated crafts so this year we’re making Easy DIY Ornaments – Easy Sharpie Dot Ornaments. 

overhead view of 2 gold Christmas ball ornaments and one pink with monogrammed letters in red dots on white wood table

Last year we made Easy Sharpie Dot Mugs and Sharpie Dot Cups to give as gifts. They were such a big hit that I knew we had to make Easy Sharpie Dot Ornaments this year. There’s something so charming about monogrammed ornaments (monogrammed anything, really). These quick ornaments would be a perfect Thanksgiving day family activity to do together.

I purchase glass ball ornaments each year at the after-holiday sales, but you could use a coupon to pick a box of four ornaments up for about $5. 


Glass Ball Ornaments

Permanent Markers

overhead view of 3 markers, a pink ball ornament, white stickers in S and R and a white tray with 4 gold ball ornaments

Vinyl Monogrammed Letters or Sticker Letters

hands holding gold ball ornament and red marker making dots around a sticker S monogram on the ornament

I used a 2-inch tall letter cut from vinyl, but you can use a size that would best fit the proportions of your ornament. Center the letter on your ornament and smooth the edges of the letter down well and then simply use the marker to dot around the letter. Concentrate the dots around the edge of the letter and then space the dots farther apart the farther away you get from the initial. 

Easy DIY Ornaments 

overhead view of 3 gold Christmas ball ornament with monogrammed letter "S" in red dots on pine branch

These easy Sharpie dot ornaments took about five minutes to make. That’s an easy DIY ornament. Eee-easy. And yet they are so sophisticated looking.

close up of gold Christmas ball ornament with monogrammed letter "S" in red dots on pine branch with 2 more gold monogrammed balls in the background

What a great addition to any decor. They also make wonderful Christmas gifts

close up of gold Christmas ball ornament with monogrammed letter "S" in red dots on pine branch

Warning – Making these easy DIY Ornaments are addictive (I may be heading out with a coupon tomorrow to pick up more glass ball ornaments).  Who do you know that would love an easy Sharpie dot ornament from you?

I am so charmed by this Jolly Rancher Ornament from my friend, Corinne at Wondermom Wannabe. What a beautiful way to use up some of that extra holiday candy while spending some quality crafting time with your family.

close up 4 blue and 1 green scoop with white batting and Christmas miniatures in each

These Recycled Laundry Scoop Ornaments were lots of fun to make last year and are a charming surprise on your Christmas tree.

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  1. Hi Susan. I remember those other sharpie dot projects. These ornaments are equally adorable and are sure to be a hit too.

  2. These turned out so cute. Im redoing my tree completely this year so Im going to have to make some of these to go on it!

  3. I love how easy these are to make. I can see how addictive they might be once you get going! Somehow I missed your laundry scoop ornaments from last year. Off to check those out now!

  4. These are so cute! And I am honestly impressed at how easy these are, and how great they turned out for the effort they require. Iam officially making these for my co-workers šŸ™‚

  5. I would like to lead a craft project next fall at our Quilt Guild by making spool ornaments. I get overwhelmed trying to figure out what kind of wire, tools, and beads to use. Can you direct me so we can use up our empty spools for a quick craft?

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