Fast DIY Birthday Cake Banner

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Recently I sent a birthday celebration care package to my oldest “baby” in college. I created a cake in a can surprise for her birthday cake. While it was fa un way to send her a birthday cake, I wanted to include something bigger for the top of her cake. Birthday cakes should always be big and over the top, not in an expensive way, in a fun celebratory way. So to add something a bit more big and celebratory, I created this fast DIY birthday cake banner.

colorful birthday cake banner for cake in a can

You can make your own easy and fast DIY birthday cake banner with supplies that you probably already have in your home. That means it’s free and you can make it in less than five minutes.

DIY Birthday Cake Banner


Card stock paper

Bamboo skewer

Colorful markers

Washi tape

white square of paper, small dowel rod, and markers on wood table
triangle cut out of white square and scissors on wood table

Cut the card stock paper into the size and shape of the banner that you want. I cut my banner about 2 1/2 by 4 inches. You can create any shape that you’d like. I decided on a flag shaped banner.

I used colorful markers to add a message to my banner. It’s a tradition that I write “Happy birthday person’s name Day” on birthday cakes. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit why that tradition started (my kids probably don’t even know where the tradition came from). I have terrible handwriting and my handwriting while squeezing a bag of frosting onto the irregular surface of a cake is even worse. The first couple of birthday cakes I made sported “Happy Birthday, birthday person’s name.” Then I figured out that I could eliminate five letters from my tortured frosting handwriting by saying “Happy birthday person’s name Day” and so a tradition was born (and my hand and forearm muscles saved).

overhead view of DIY cake banner

I added a border of washi tape and used the washi tape to attach the banner to the skewer.

close up of DIY cake banner

Voila! In about five minutes, you’ve created a  DIY birthday cake banner that you can personalize by your color choices and message.

3 cans of birthday cake and birthday cake banner

This fast DIY birthday cake banner was the perfect addition to the cake in a can surprise that I sent to my “baby” to celebrate her birthday with her roommates.

card and gift envelope decorated to look like movie theater popcorn box

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overhead view of cakes in a can
yellow laser tag birthday party invitation

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  1. I loved the cake in a can idea, Susan. I can still remember when you shared it. These little flags make the cake that much more fun (if that were possible)

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