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Originally published May 28, 2020 and updated June 24, 2023.

Use this free Scavenger Hunt Template to create your own unique game. This printable pdf is blank so that you can fill in the items you want to include in the treasure hunt you create. It’s a fun and easy way to create an activity for kids, teens and adults.

brightly colored scavenger hunt game boards with blank boxes.

There are occasions when you want to create your own unique scavenger hunt that contains items in your specific setting. You can use this version to create a game for kids and adults. 

Create a list of hunt items. You can use pictures or words on this game template to design the exact scavenger hunt you want.

When You Might Want to Create a Scavenger Hunt

  • For a birthday party
  • An activity to keep people engaged at a family reunion
  • For a homeschool activity
  • As a supplement to a school educational theme
  • For a school field trip
  • For a trip to the zoo
  • To introduce a class to your classroom
  • For a trip to a historic place
  • For a trip to a new city
  • For attending a sports game

What Are the Rules for a Scavenger Hunt?

  • Establish the boundaries of the game area.
  • Determine whether the game will be played based on a time limit or it will be played until someone finds all the items.
  • Decide if all the players will have the same  game board or if everyone will have different game boards.
  • Decide whether the winner has to find :
    • Every item on the game board.
    • Every item in a row or column.
    • A set number of items from the game board.
    • As many items as possible in the set time period.
  • Decide whether players will play individually or in teams.
    • If playing in teams, decide whether team members have to stay together or can split up to find the items.
  • Determine whether the winner(s) will receive a prize or play for bragging rights.

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Scavenger Hunt Template

This scavenger hunt template pdf contains templates in 8 different colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Purple
close up of brightly colored scavenger hunt game boards with blank boxes to be filled in.

How to Download the Blank Scavenger Hunt Template

To get the free Scavenger Hunt Template printable, simply sign up for our free exclusive content below. You’ll receive immediate access to printable template pdf.

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collage of colorful printable game sheets

How to Print the Scavenger Hunt Template

  • Print the scavenger hunt template on your home printer.
  • Or you can choose to print the template at your local office store or printer.
  • The game boards are designed to be colorful, but you can choose to print the game boards in black, if you prefer.
  • You can print the game boards on regular computer paper or, as I prefer, print them on heavier card stock paper.
    • Using heavier paper allows the game boards to hold up better to enthusiastic and energetic scavenger hunt games.
  • You may choose to laminate the completed scavenger hunt game boards once you create them. This allows you to use the same game boards over again and again.

How can I use the printable (what restrictions are there on use)?

You can print these pdf files as many times as you’d like for your personal use or classroom use. Please do not share the file with family, friends or coworkers. Please do share the link to this post so they can access their own copy of the printable. All printables are copyrighted.

How to Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt Game Boards

  • Once you print out your game boards, it’s time to add your unique hunt items.
  • I recommend creating three or four unique boards at a minimum.
  • You can simply write the names of the items in the template blocks if the scavenger hunt players can read.
  • You can choose to print the words out and then attach them to the game boards.
  • You may prefer to use images instead of word on the scavenger hunt template game board.
  • You can use photos or clip art or even draw images.
  • You can use a combination of images and text.
  • Choose what works best for your scavenger hunt participants.

Resources for Creating and Using Your Printables

More Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Scavenger Hunt Ideas – More than 25 different scavenger hunt ideas for the entire year, including free printable games for holidays, for kids, for adults, and for all ages.

collage of 6 different colorful scavenger hunt game boards

Dr. Seuss Books Scavenger Hunt – Celebrate Dr. Seuss and his fun rhyming stories with these 3 free Dr. Seuss word search printables. Great for early readers and learners.

images of 4 Dr. Seuss scavenger hunt game cards with text overlay

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Six different photo scavenger hunt game boards for both indoor and outdoor play. These free printable sheets are ideal for kids of all ages.

top image blue Polaroid photos on table, bottom image - 6 photo scavenger hunt sheets
How do I create my own scavenger hunt?

1. Choose a theme: Decide on a theme, such as nature, movies, or historical landmarks. This will help give your hunt a cohesive feel.
2. Determine the location: Select a suitable location for the game based on your chosen theme. It could be in your backyard, a park, or even indoors if necessary.
3. Plan items: Create a list of items that participants will search for. Make them challenging but not too difficult to find.
4. Hide objects, if necessary: Decide what participants will be searching for during the scavenger hunt. If the items are not native to your game location, you can hide them or even hide images of the items.
5. Organize teams (optional): If you have multiple participants, consider dividing them into teams and assigning each team a different starting point to add an element of friendly competition.
7. Provide instructions: Before starting the scavenger hunt, explain the rules, the boundaries of the hunt area, and objectives clearly to all participants so everyone is on the same page.
8. Start the hunt: Give participants the game boards and let them begin their adventure! Be available for any questions or clarifications they may need along the way.
9. Monitor progress: Keep track of each team’s progress throughout the scavenger hunt to ensure fairness and provide hints if necessary.
10. Celebrate and reward: Once all teams have completed the scavenger hunt, gather everyone together and congratulate them on their efforts! You can distribute small prizes or certificates as rewards for participation or winners if applicable.
Remember to tailor your scavenger hunt based on the age group and interests of the participants to ensure maximum enjoyment. Have fun creating your own unique scavenger hunt experience!

What are some good scavenger hunt clues?

Some people choose to provide clues for items to find rather than clearly listing the items. Some examples of different types of scavenger hunt clues are:
1. Riddle clue: “I am tall when I am young and short when I am old. What am I?” (Answer: Candle)
2. Rhyme clue: “Look in the place where you rest your head, find this clue under your cozy bed.” (Hide the next clue under a pillow)
3. Puzzle clue: Create a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of the hiding spot, and give each participant a piece of the puzzle to solve together.
4. Mirror message: Write a message backward on a mirror using lipstick or marker, and ask participants to read it in the reflection to find the next location.
5. QR code clue: Print out QR codes that lead participants to different locations when scanned with their smartphones.
Remember, tailor the clues to match the age group and interests of the participants for maximum enjoyment!

How do you structure a scavenger hunt?

1. Determine the theme: Decide on a theme for your scavenger hunt, such as nature, pirates, or superheroes. You can use one of the 25+ free printable scavenger hunt game boards available on Organized 31 or you can create your own game. Choosing a theme will help you come up with relevant clues and items for participants to find if you’re creating your own game..
2. Define the location: Choose a suitable location for the scavenger hunt, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Consider factors like safety, accessibility, and the number of participants.
3. Create a list of items/clues if you’re creating your own game: Make a list of items or clues that participants will need to find during the scavenger hunt. For each item/clue, be creative and consider how it relates to the theme. You can also include riddles or puzzles to add an extra challenge.
4. Set boundaries: Establish boundaries or limits for the scavenger hunt area so that participants know where they should search. This will prevent confusion and ensure everyone stays within a designated area.
5. Prepare materials: Gather all the necessary materials for the scavenger hunt, including game boards, pens or pencils, any items to be found and any additional props or decorations related to the theme.
6. Assign teams (optional): Depending on the size of your group, you might want to divide participants into teams. Give each team a copy of the clues or tasks they need to complete.
7. Explain rules/instructions: Before starting the game, gather all participants together and explain the rules and instructions clearly. Make sure everyone understands what they need to do and any specific guidelines they must follow.
8. Start the hunt: Release participants to begin their search! Keep track of time if there’s a time limit involved.
9. End the hunt: Once participants have completed the scavenger hunt or reached the time limit, gather everyone together and announce the winners (if applicable).
Remember that a successful scavenger hunt is engaging, challenging, and fun for all participants. Tailor it to your group’s interests and have a backup plan in case of unexpected circumstances.

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