Halloween Crafts – Mummy Candy Bar Wrapper

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Originally published October 10, 2014 and updated June 3, 2021.

I adore creating Halloween crafts and these mummy candy bar wrappers are a favorite of mine. Now that my kiddos are older and I don’t get to make Halloween costumes anymore, so I channel my Halloween creativity into crafts and treats. 

mummy wrappers with googly eyes on candy bars on wood table

This DIY mummy candy bar wrapper is easy and so adorable. They make me smile every single time I see them.

This is a great Halloween craft for beginning crafters and preschool or older children. The great thing is that is so stinkin’ cute that it will generate lots of compliments.

These mummy candy bar wrapper treats are perfect for:

  • You can hand them out to trick or treaters
  • Send in lunches as a treat on Halloween
  • Hand them out as party favors
  • Give them as small gifts to coworkers
  • Put them in a You’ve Been Boo’d gift for a neighbor
  • A fun Halloween craft activity for children or seniors

Mummies are fascinating to children of all ages. For more information on Egyptian mummies, this Smithsonian article is worth the read.

Halloween Crafts – Mummy Candy Bar Wrapper


  • White card stock paper – You can use construction paper or computer paper, but thicker card stock paper holds up better.
  • Black Marker
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Googly Eyes
  • Flat rectangular candy bars or boxed candy –  I prefer to use Hershey’s bars because the brown wrapper coordinates well with the mummy theme.
pile of white paper, 2 candy parts, black marker, role of tape on table

How to Make the Halloween Crafts – Mummy Candy Bar Wrapper

Cut the white card stock paper to wrap around your candy bar and overlap enough to tape together in the back. You’ll have to measure it depending on the candy you choose to use. I usually overlap 3/4 to 1 inch in the back. That gives you enough space to easily fit the double stick tape.

Using a ruler and black marker, draw lines to mimic wrapped gauze.  Don’t make the line perfect, make them tilt a bit. You can draw them all the way to then edges of the paper, but you don’t have to since it will be overlapping in the back.

Draw a semi-circle shape under one of the lines. This will be the space where you add the eyes. Color the half-circle in.

black marker on table next to white paper with lines

Add googly eyes with double-stick tape. You can use glue if you prefer, but I find that the double stick tape works well and isn’t messy.

close up of googly eyes on DIY mummy candy wrapper craft

These are easy to make and you can make about 15-20 in 30 minutes. The first two will take you a bit longer and then you’ll find your grove and the rest will go much more quickly.

More Simple Halloween Crafts

  • Halloween Pencil Cases – They’re perfect to make as a craft and to hold candy, especially these DIY mummy candy bar wrappers.
decorated pencil case with mummy wrapped candy bars

More Halloween Activities

And voila!  You’ve made your own Halloween Crafts – Mummy Candy Bar Wrappers.  They’re so much fun to make, so be sure to make lots to give away.

3 mummy wrappers on candy bars on wood table
mummy wrappers with googly eyes on candy bars
mummy wrappers with googly eyes on candy bars with inset of close up

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  1. What a fun, simple and frugal idea! I may just use this for my girls’ soccer team. Last day for treats is end of October! Thank you!

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