Jack Skellington Halloween Decorations that are Edible

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I never get tired of fun food creations. But I’m a busy, busy mom and I don’t have hours or days to create fun food. I’m all about easy ideas that still impress. I wanted to make some easy and edible Nightmare Before Christmas decorations this year. I was able to make these Jack Skellington Halloween decorations in about 10 minutes with just two ingredients. They’re easy to make. Really and truly. 

3 marshmallows with skeleton  faces in jar filled with candy corn and marshmallows and candy corn scattered on counter

A couple of weeks ago I made Halloween Rice Krispies Treats that were edible spell books. While they were easy to make, these Jack Skellington treats are even easier. 

Jack Skellington Halloween Decorations that are Edible


  • Marshmallows – Large or Mini Marshmallows
  • Edible Food Marker
  • Paper Towels or Wax paper
marshmallow in 2 different sizes on black counter, 2 black markers on paper towel

Draw a Jack Skellington face on the marshmallow. Yep, that’s it. Easy-peasy. The first few you make will take longer, but once you gain confidence, you’ll be able to make one in a minute or so.

close up of one marshmallow with skeleton face with blank marshmallows on black counter


  • Have an image of Jack Skellington’s face in front of you to refer to.
  • Look at several different styles of Jack Skellington faces. Some are easier to draw than others, especially on a marshmallow.
  • Practice drawing on a piece of paper first. 
  • Draw a thinner line with the edible marker. You can always go back and make the line thicker, but you can’t erase a line if it’s too thick.
  • Draw with the edible marker’s point, but color the eyes in with the side of the marker. 
  • If the marker seems to drag on the marshmallow and the color doesn’t fill in, turn the marshmallow the other direction and try it again. Sometimes the texture of the marshmallow doesn’t take the edible ink as well from one direction, but will take it in the same spot from the other direction.
collage of colorful worksheets with featured cover page with 3 ghosts with party hats.

You can draw on the flat, round end of the marshmallow or on the curved side of the marshmallow. When the marshmallows were squished, I found it easier to draw on the curved side. 

overhead view of different sizes of marshmallows with skeleton faces on black counter

You can also draw on mini marshmallows, but it’s much more difficult. Or it was much more difficult for my limited artistic skills. 

overhead view of different sizes of marshmallows with skeleton faces on black counter with candy corn candy scattered in between

After the first couple of practice ones, you’ll find that it’s easy to make the faces turn out just as you want. It really is fun to create an entire family of Jack Skellington faces. 

Ideas for Serving

3 marshmallows with skeleton  faces in jar filled with candy corn

You can also place the Jack Skellington marshmallows on toothpicks or skewers and stick them in a jar or bowl of candy to create a center piece.

close up of one marshmallow with skeleton face and candy corn on background

No one will know how easy these Nightmare Before Christmas treats are to make. 

This would be a fun activity to do with children. But be prepared that the edible food marker stains hands and probably clothes

Have fun creating some Nightmare Before Christmas magic with these Jack Skellington Halloween decorations that are edible. 

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