Last-minute Graduation Decoration

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Last-minute Graduation Decoration or gift - Organized 31

It’s  graduation party time around the Organized home.  No matter how organized you are and how far ahead you plan, there will always be something you’ve forgotten.  I’ve got an easy and quick last-minute graduation decoration that could also work as a last-minute gift to share with you today.

Who doesn’t love jelly beans?  Everyone I know is addicted to them, so it seemed the perfect decoration and treat for my daughter’s graduation party.  To make it just a little more fun, I used both her high school colors and her college colors.

I started with a repurposed jar that you’ve seen used for other projects here at Organized 31.  I purchased gourmet jelly beans in her high school colors and also in her college colors.  Be warned that although this is a quick and easy projects, those stinkin‘ delicious gourmet jelly beans are expensive.  You could substitute regular ol’ jelly beans, but I didn’t have time to pick out the exact colors I needed. 

Last-minute Graduation Decoration or gift - Organized 31

You may have noticed both white and off-white jelly beans.  Since the white jelly beans are coconut flavored and not my family’s favorite (but are mine, so yea! more for me) I added an off-white jelly bean that would be more appreciated.

Last-minute Graduation Decoration or gift - Organized 31

I put her college-colored jelly beans at the bottom of the jar and the high school-colored ones at the top, so that symbolically you have to go through high school to get to college.  I wonder if anyone but me will notice that detail.

Last-minute Graduation Decoration or gift - Organized 31

After looking at this cheerful jar of jelly beans for 2 days, I realized I could quickly add the name of her high school and of her college for a bit more celebratory embellishment.  I used my Cricut to cut the letters out of vinyl, but you could easily use store-bought letter stickers.

Last-minute Graduation Decoration or gift - Organized 31

 We’re almost ready for the party. Now just the marathon cooking remains to be done.  Rain is in the forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The party is Saturday and is an outside party, of course.  We have 85+ people coming and there’s no way we can move the party into my house.  Please cross your fingers that there won’t be any rain those days.  We may not have a party, but at least we have a ton of jelly beans and graduation cap candy!  It may not help me, but I hope this last-minute graduation decoration (or favor) helps you out.

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  1. Hi Susan – I will be praying for PERFECT weather for graduation and party! And as I was scrolling down… I actually got the whole HS/College thing with the jelly beans before you even explained it. you. complete. me. Deep breaths my friend and everything will come together beautifully. Hugs, Holly

  2. I just love this idea and I know everyone at your party will too! I think you should hide some of the coconut jelly beans though – I would! You always come up with great last minute ideas!

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