Printable House Cleaning Checklist (10 minutes before guests arrive)

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This summer I have at least five different groups of family and friends coming to stay with us. I’m also hosting my second “baby’s” graduation party at our home. That means I’ll be hosting many, many guests in my home this summer. I’m beyond excited about each and every occasion. I want to make sure that my guests feel welcome and for me, a big part of that welcome is greeting them with a clean and fresh house when they arrive. With a family of five, a dog and a leopard gecko, life can get a bit hectic and details are sometimes forgotten, even cleaning details. Since details matter to me, I’ve found that my printable house cleaning checklist helps us do a quick 10-minute cleaning just before our guests arrive so that we can welcome them into a fresh, clean home. 

Roll of paper towels and pink basket of cleaning supplies in front of a red and blue checklist.

My house is generally kept clean with our weekly cleaning schedule, but with three children and a dog that sheds (much more than I like), there’s always some last-minute cleaning and touch-up that needs to be done before guests arrive. We used to run around like the Keystone Cops frantically and sometimes ineffectively trying to get everything done. A couple times of that and I knew I had to create a checklist for us to use. This free Printable House Cleaning Checklist  makes it easy to divide up tasks among family members and to make sure nothing is forgotten.  

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist for a quick 10-minute clean up before guests arrive. #PGDetailsMatter #IC [ad] | Organized 31

Printable House Cleaning Checklist

When I know we’ll be having guests, I create a quick clean up basket and fill it with a copy of my Printable House Cleaning Checklist and my favorite cleaning products. 

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Here is your printable 10-Minutes Before Guests House Cleaning Checklist pdf.

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Quick Sweep of Floors –With all the dog hair that my beloved dog, Lila, shares with us, I always need to do a quick sweep of my floors before guests arrive. I just focus on the rooms that my guests will be in and on the visible floor areas. No cleaning under furniture this time. With Swiffer Dry refills, my children can easily help with this task and even younger children can help push a Swiffer around to clean up.

Quick Wipe of Faucets, Sinks and Counters- I like that Bounty Advanced paper towels come with Select-A-Size so I can pick the size I need for each job and know that Bounty Advanced will hold up to all my cleanup jobs.  I use paper towels for a quick wipe of the faucets, sinks and counters in the bathrooms and kitchen. 

Check for Smudges and Scuffs – I always make a quick check of light switch plates, doors, door jambs and hallways to see if there are any marks or scuff marks that need to be cleaned up. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes just a couple of second to remove most marks on most surfaces (but be sure to read the back of the package first). It really is magic at cleaning up surfaces quickly.  

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist for a quick 10-minute clean up before guests arrive. #PGDetailsMatter #IC [ad] | Organized 31

Quick Dust of Visible Surfaces – Only dust in the rooms your guests will be in and only surfaces that they will likely see, like table tops. Don’t worry about mantles, bookshelves or high or low surfaces. Just focus on the areas that are most likely to be seen by your guests. I like using a Swiffer Duster and refills because it’s flexible and makes quick work of any dusting, whether it’s delicate knickknacks, horizontal or vertical. The handle makes it easier for this short girl to reach more areas without dragging a stool around with me.  

Stock up on Toilet Tissue – With so many guests coming, I want to stock up on toilet tissue (no more explanation needed). I make sure that there are several rolls of extra toilet tissue in each bathroom before guests arrive. My family will only use Charmin Ultra Soft because it’s soft, but still strong. They grumble if any other type of tissue makes its way into the house. Really and truly.

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist for a quick 10-minute clean up before guests arrive. #PGDetailsMatter #IC [ad] | Organized 31

Freshen and Eliminate Smells – I always take a minute to freshen up the rooms that my guests will be in. I want my house to smell fresh and welcoming. Febreze Air Effects doesn’t just mask smells, it actually eliminates odors even in a house of five, a dog and leopard gecko.

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist for a quick 10-minute clean up before guests arrive. #PGDetailsMatter #IC [ad] | Organized 31

Knowing that my first guests arrive in two weeks, I made sure to stock up on paper and cleaning supplies at Costco on my weekly shopping trip. Learn more about the Procter & Gamble products available at Costco at their website .  

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist for a quick 10-minute clean up before guests arrive. #PGDetailsMatter #IC [ad] | Organized 31

The great thing about buying my Procter & Gamble household needs products at Costco is that I can purchase what I need for all my summer guests in one trip now. That makes my life much easier (and I can use more easier in my busy life).

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist for a quick 10-minute clean up before guests arrive. #PGDetailsMatter #IC [ad] | Organized 31

Do you have guests coming for a party or to stay with you? Try my Printable House Cleaning Checklist to help you take care of all those details that make your guests feel welcome in your home.

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  1. I have to smile when you say stock up on cleaning supplies. My husband pucks up the big packs of paper towels, toilet paper and all kinds of cleaning supplies every time he ventures into Sam’s Club, Home Depot, etc. I have stacks of them down in the basement and he keeps adding to it. He gets anxious if we run low – which is not likely!

  2. I love your printable sheet. I have a clean house, but when I think company is coming, I take it up a notch. Having this list and great products will help my home “shine”. Thanks

  3. HI Susan, I love clean and organized too. I have moved a lot and have lived in Ethiopia and Ghana for 23 years combined, as well as four different states. But I haven’t moved as much as you. So glad to be connected.

    1. So nice to meet you, Amy. Wow! Ethiopia and Ghana! You must have had some grand adventures. We lived in Turkey in the 70’s and had many grand adventures of our own and collected wonderful memories.

  4. wow. it would definitely take me much longer than 10 mins to complete that checklist.
    i would need to give myself at least 2 hours and/or designate parts of the list to family.
    thanks for the info.
    have a blessed day

    1. That’s great feedback, Rochelle. And, yes, get those family members to help out whenever you can (telling myself the same thing right now) 🙂

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