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A block schedule template is key in setting up a workable block schedule for your entire week. This free two-page printable makes it easy to create your own block schedule to improve your productivity.

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What Is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is a productivity and time management tool used to break your day into blocks of time. These blocks of time are then used to schedule specific tasks in your day to best utilize your time.

Time blocking allows you to plan your activities and tasks so that you can anticipate your tasks and best accomplish them. Use a block schedule in conjunction with your running to do list.

The block schedule allows you to know what to tackle next on your to do list and to more efficiently tackle those tasks.

Time blocking encourages you to focus on your priorities a the most effective times in the day.

Time blocking is helpful in establishing your daily routine.

Time Blocking and the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique was created by Francesco Cirillo and the name comes from a tomato timer he used (pomodoro is tomato in Italian). You can use an actual tomato shaped timer, but any timer will work just as well. There are even Pomodor apps that are designed specifically for this productivity tool.

This productivity tool is powerful for children and adults.

The idea is that you dedicate a time block of 25 minutes to a task. Set a timer so that you’re not distracted by watching the clock. Focus on that tasks during that time block.

At the end of your time block, take a 5 minute break. At the end of 4 time blocks, take a 20-30 minute break.

These focused work blocks, with breaks scheduled in between, help you maximize your productivity.

  • Focusing for 25 minutes is doable.
  • A large project can be overwhelming, but a 25 minutes work session isn’t as intimidating.
  • Taking the scheduled break allows your brain to relax so you can focus again in the next work block.
  • Knowing that you’ll have a break at the end of the block helps keep you focused on the task at hand during the work block.
  • Grouping similar tasks together in your time blocks is an incredibly efficient way to work.
  • The success you experience in each block builds a momentum that carries you on through several blocks before you realize how long you’ve been working.
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How Do You Do a Block Schedule?

  • Use the free block schedule template to plan out your schedule each day to maximize your productivity by using blocks of time for daily tasks.
  • Plan your time blocks based around your written-in-stone requirements.
    • Start with what time you have to be at work, the kids have to be at school, you have to eat dinner, the kids go to bed and your bed time.
    • Based on those times, schedule the tasks that lead up to each of those must-make times.
  • Once you have your must-do tasks and the preparation tasks blocked out, then you can time block the rest of your schedule.
  • Group tasks that make sense together and time block them together.
    • For example, schedule all errands in the same part of town together.
    • Use a monthly meal planner and then grocery shop once a week.
  • Be sure to include travel time and preparation time for tasks and appointments.

Block Schedule Template

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How to Print this Block Schedule Template

  • Print the block schedule template on your printer as many times as you’d like for your personal use.
  • You may want to print several copies of block schedule template to use as you figure out your best personal block schedule.
Get Your Free
Block Schedule Template
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How to Use the Block Schedule Template

  • Try having your child use this technique for study tasks.
  • Use for children’s chores.
  • Use for your own chores.
  • Use for decluttering and organizing tasks.
  • Use for project planning.
  • Use in working on large projects.
  • Use for creative projects that can be draining.
  • Use for family chore time and play “beat the timer.”

Pin this free printable block schedule template so you can always find it when you need it in the future.

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