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An easy-to-use and fun reading log can encourage a love of reading in children. These 7 different free printable reading log pages have something for everyone and every reading log need.

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As the mom of three and a parent educator, developing the love of reading in my children as been a priority. I know how important reading is to academic success and how much enjoyment it brings as a hobby.

I’ve used a variety of different reading logs through all the elementary school years with my children. They were all very utilitarian and not very inspirational.

Function plus a pop of color can create excitement which can then encourage reading. Let’s do everything we can to encourage the love of reading in all children.

What is a reading log?

  • A reading log is used to record time spent reading, usually at home or on the student’s own.
  • It can be used by
    • Teachers
    • Librarians
    • Parents
    • Homeschoolers
    • After-School Activities and Clubs
  • It is used as encouragement for children to read daily.
  • It is used for parents to track and record a child’s reading at home.
  • There are different reading log formats to be used depending on the child’s age and your preference on the information to track
  • It holds children (and parents) accountable for at-home reading assignments.
  • It can be used by the teacher as one of many factors to assess reading proficiency.
Get The 6-page Reading Log
Download Your Reading Log pages right away.
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Reading Log

You can create your own reading log by hand or on your computer. You can also use a printable reading log that meets your unique needs and preferences. I’ve created these 7 pages of reading logs to meet a range of needs.

How to Use This Reading Log

You can choose to use the free black and white version of the reading log printable for your reading needs. It’s a versatile format that fits a variety of situations.

If you’d like more reading log options you can sign up for our newsletter and receive the additional free reading log printables.

The additional 6 pages contain 3 different page options in 2 styles each:

  1. For younger readers
    1. Columns for
      1. Book
      2. Date
      3. Time Spent
      4. Parent Read to Child
      5. Child Read to parent
      6. Child Read Alone
    2. With a large book image or a small book image
  2. For older readers option 1
    1. Columns for
      1. Book
      2. Date
      3. Time Spent
      4. Pages Read
      5. Adult’s Initials
      6. Total – to track either time or number of pages
    2. With a large book image or a small book image
  3. For older reader option 2
    1. Columns for
      1. Book
      2. Author
      3. Date
      4. Time Spent
      5. Pages Read
    2. With a large book image or a small book image
printable reading logs collage

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