10 Recycled Office Organizers

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Office Organizers from Recycled Items - Organized 31
Recycled Tuna Box Organizer - Organized 31

If you’ve been around Organized 31 for very long, you know that I lo-ove to use recycled or repurposed items for organizing.  Since we’re always moving (and when we’re not moving the threat of a move is always there), I don’t want to invest a lot of money in organizing items that won’t work at our next house.  With over 20 moves behind me, that would have been a lot of new organizing items purchased each time.  Instead, I use recycled items to organize.  It saves me money and I can throw them into the recycle bin with no guilt if they don’t survive our next move or don’t work in our next home. 

Here are 8 of my favorite recycled office organizing projects  and 2 bonus ones from my friend Holly at Pink Fortitude.

Tuna Box Organizer


Repurposed Cocoa Can - Organized 31

Repurposed Cocoa Boxes


Repurposed Clementine Box from the Coconut Head Surivial Guide


DIY Upcycled Office Organizers - Organized 31


Repurposed Plastic Containers

Repurposed Viactive Box

Personalized Repurposed Tin Can

Repurposed Cigar Boxes


Easy Upcycled Sweater Box from Organized 31

Repurposed Sweater and Box


finished tin 2

Upcycled Storage Tin


If you’re interested in even more repurposed projects check out my Repurposing Tab.  Happy repurposed organzing.




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  1. Hi Susan – What a fun surprise to turn a so-so day into an awesome one – thanks so much for the feature! So that dictionary on the first picture that used to be red and is so old it’s discolored and pink… I have the same one! It looks identical! Hugs, Holly

  2. What a great roundup of recycled projects. I especially love the cigar box up cycle! I love seeing all the ways you can change an ordinary project into an extraordinary item!

  3. I really love this list of ideas. I’ve been really wanting to re-do my home office area to accommodate more of my craft stuff but the budget isn’t there. Thinking I might use some of these recycled items to get exactly what I want. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ricki, like you, I organize on a budget, plus it’s fun to make my own organizers. Have fun making room for your craft supplies!

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