10 Recycled Office Organizers

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Office Organizers from Recycled Items - Organized 31
Recycled Tuna Box Organizer - Organized 31

If you’ve been around Organized 31 for very long, you know that I lo-ove to use recycled or repurposed items for organizing.  Since we’re always moving (and when we’re not moving the threat of a move is always there), I don’t want to invest a lot of money in organizing items that won’t work at our next house.  With over 20 moves behind me, that would have been a lot of new organizing items purchased each time.  Instead, I use recycled items to organize.  It saves me money and I can throw them into the recycle bin with no guilt if they don’t survive our next move or don’t work in our next home. 

Here are 8 of my favorite recycled office organizing projects  and 2 bonus ones from my friend Holly at Pink Fortitude.

Tuna Box Organizer


Repurposed Cocoa Can - Organized 31

Repurposed Cocoa Boxes


Repurposed Clementine Box from the Coconut Head Surivial Guide


DIY Upcycled Office Organizers - Organized 31


Repurposed Plastic Containers

Repurposed Viactive Box

decorated metal can on top of stack of books on bricks

Repurposed Cigar Boxes


Easy Upcycled Sweater Box from Organized 31

Repurposed Sweater and Box


finished tin 2

Upcycled Storage Tin


If you’re interested in even more repurposed projects check out my Repurposing Tab.  Happy repurposed organzing.




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  1. Hi Susan – What a fun surprise to turn a so-so day into an awesome one – thanks so much for the feature! So that dictionary on the first picture that used to be red and is so old it’s discolored and pink… I have the same one! It looks identical! Hugs, Holly

  2. What a great roundup of recycled projects. I especially love the cigar box up cycle! I love seeing all the ways you can change an ordinary project into an extraordinary item!

  3. I really love this list of ideas. I’ve been really wanting to re-do my home office area to accommodate more of my craft stuff but the budget isn’t there. Thinking I might use some of these recycled items to get exactly what I want. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ricki, like you, I organize on a budget, plus it’s fun to make my own organizers. Have fun making room for your craft supplies!

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