St. Patrick’s Candy Leprechaun Hats

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Candy decorated to look like a Leprechaun Hat with title text reading Candy Leprechaun Hats

In November when I made Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats, I made a mistake. Fortunately, I could see that mistake as a St. Patrick’s Candy Leprechaun Hat.  So, now that it’s almost time for St. Patrick’s Day, let me show you this very easy to make St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Candy Hat.  And rather than a mistake, let me quote Pee Wee Herman and say, “I meant to do that!”


Start with chocolate wafer cookies, tube frosting in yellow and green and big Reese’s’ peanut butter cups (not the miniature ones).

ingredients needed to make candy leprechaun hats

Put a small dab of frosting in the middle of the chocolate wafer to hold the peanut butter cup in place.

yellow frosting in the middle of a chocolate wafer next to a tube of frosting

Using the frosting, pipe a stripe (the hat band) around the bottom edge of the peanut butter cup where it meets the cookie.  Then pipe a small square buckle onto the band you just added.  When I was making the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats, this is the pre-leprechaun hat I created by mistake.  It was close, but…

an upside down peanut butter cup on a chocolate wafer with yellow frosting on it to look like a leprechaun's hat

… needed a little green to make it a more authentic leprechaun hat.   So, I added a green hat band (and used a toothpick to fix and shaky hand mistakes).

an upside down peanut butter cup on a chocolate wafer with green frosting around it

And then add the yellow frosting buckle to the hat.  Within just a few minutes, you have an adorable and tasty St. Patrick’s Candy Leprechaun Hat.

2 images of a peanut butter cup and a chocolate wafer decorated with yellow and green frosting to look like Leprechaun Hats with title text reading candy Leprechaun Hats


They’re very easy to make and would be fun to do with the wee kiddos.


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  1. You have mixed a couple of my favorite things, icing and peanut butter cups! These are too cute and I bet your kids loved them!

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