Easy Mardi Gras Treat Cups

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One of the best parts of moving around the country with the military is learning about different traditions and customs, even within our own country.  When I lived in Arkansas and Alabama, I learned a little about Mardi Gras.  People who celebrate Mardi Gras take it seriously.  Me, I’m not so serious.  I like the bright, festive colors  of Mardi Gras and who doesn’t love a celebration?

Yesterday I showed you how I turned repurposed yogurt cups into St. Patrick’s Day treat cups.  Mardi Gras tends to be celebrated regionally here in the US.  But with these easy Mardi Gras Treat cups, you can celebrate too,  where ever you are located.  Thanks to my friend, J., for creating this easy and adorable Mardi Gras treat cup at our last crafting get together.

a green and gold decorated cup holding gold candy with title text reading Upcycled Mardi Gras Treat Cups

It all starts with a yogurt cup like this.


small cup of yogurt with clear lid and empty white yogurt cup in background

Repurpose some green tissue paper or card stock and tear it into square and rectangular shapes. 

pile of dark green shredded paper and pile of light green shredded paper

Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the yogurt cup.  If you’re using  tissue paper, be careful because the paper tears easily when you brush the Mod Podge on.  I found it easier to use my finger to add the Mod Podge.  But J. was able to use the sponge brush if she took her time.

hands holding a paintbrush applying green paper on a cup with aluminum foil in the background

After the Mod Podge dries for 20-30 minutes, add purple ribbon and gold trim to embellish the cup.  Fill the cup with Rolos or any candy wrapped in gold foil.  Voila!  You’re ready to celebrate Mardi Gras where ever you are.

a green and gold decorated cup holding gold candy with title text reading Upcycled Mardi Gras Treat Cups

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  1. What a great idea to fill them with Rolo’s since they come in the gold wrappers. You can always use the extras to make those delicious rolo pretzel cookies you posted last week. This is another time we should have had a chat about our upcoming posts ahead of time. I could have added a blurb about these to my post today which is a Mardi Gras recipe! One of these days we’ll learn.

  2. Hi Susan – These are ADORABLE! I love all of the Mardi Gras colors and especially the gold wrapped rolo treats. You could probably put some beads in there too! 😉 Hugs, Holly

  3. I love these little cups! I need to go out and buy some yogurt! My daughter went to Mardi Gras and said it was pretty spectacular and crazy at the same time! She enjoyed the parades and getting beads, but not the crazy over indulgers that came out at night!

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