Travel Checklist (don’t forget to pack anything)

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Traveling is in my blood. I was traveling before I was even born. I love to travel, but despite 25+ moves and many more trips and travels, I used to dread packing. I was always worried I’d forget something important or even something unimportant, but that I wanted. Once I created my printable travel checklist, the stress of packing was almost gone. Now I simply use the checklist to plan what I need to take and then check each item off as I pack it into my suitcase. Couldn’t be simpler. Grab your free copy of my travel packing checklist before your next vacation or business trip.

I grew up in a military family and my mom traveled when she was 6 months pregnant with me from Germany to the Azores and then onto the States. I joke that I was traveling before I was even born and the traveling has continued ever since. I’ve been to 41 states and 19 countries. I can’t even guess how many suitcases (and rucksacks) I’ve packed over the years.

I do know that I used to stress out over packing, whether it was for a move, a military deployment, a conference or a vacation. I was always worried I’d forget something. I check my packed suitcase again and again and again to make sure that I didn’t forget anything I needed or wanted. 

Using this travel checklist has made my travels so much less stressful. 

  • I can plan the outfits and items I need to take. Planning ahead of time, when I’m calmer and not rushed, allows me to accurately identify the items I really do need and want to take (versus panicked throwing everything in the suitcase at the last minute like a cartoon character).
  • I can plan what I’m taking and then evaluate and make changes, additions and deletions. This is a double-check step that minimizes the forgotten items and the unneeded items. 
  • I keep my filled-out packing checklist next to me as I pack. I gather all the items I need and check them off as I gather them. It helps me sleep well that night before travel since I know that I packed everything I need. 

Travel Checklist

Print out your own copy of the Travel Checklist. You can get your free copy when you sign up for our free newsletter.

Think about your trip and what you’ll need.

  • How long will you be gone?
  • What will the weather be?
  • What activities will you be doing?
  • What space or weight limitations will there be?
  • What space limitations will there be where you are staying?
Get Your Free
Travel Packing Checklist
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Personalize your Packing Checklist with

  • the specific items you want – just write them on the blank lines
  • the number of each that you want to take with you – just place the number in the box
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When you’re ready to pack, use your completed Travel Checklist to pullout all the items you need.  Check them off as you place them next to your suitcase. Then pack your suitcase. Checkout my Tips for Packing a Suitcase Like a Military Family before you start packing. 

4 checklists for traveling in red, blue and green with title text reading Travel Checklist Pack Set of 4 checklists to make your trip a breeze

You can get my comprehensive 4-page Travel Checklist Pack in my shop.

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You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you have thoughtfully selected the items that you really need and that you have remember to pack each and every item. If you wake up in the middle of the night worried that you forgot something, look over your Travel Checklist and see that you checked every item off as you gathered and packed them. Ah, no more worries.

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  1. I love this! I use a packing list too! Although my kids used to hate it, now they appreciate it. My daughter recently traveled to visit her friend at her college, and guess what? She asked for the packing list printout!

    1. We think a lot alike, don’t we, Brenda? šŸ™‚ What a compliment that your daughter asked for the packing list!

  2. This would have been handy…forgot a couple things, but there is no link to print this checklist. šŸ™

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