Ocean Animal Memory Matching Game

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Game time can be fun and also encourage learning with this free ocean animals memory matching game. It comes with 36 unique game cards.

You choose how many pairs of cards to play with so you can tailor the game to meet your specific needs.

top image - sea turtle in ocean, bottom image - 3 colorful ocean animal memory game sheets with title text reading free Ocean Animals Memory Matching Game

You can download this ocean animal matching printable and print the game cards immediately. You can be playing a fun game that is perfect for children three years and up in just minutes.

Ocean Animal Memory Matching Game

This sea animal memory game includes images of:

  • Star Fish
  • Turtle
  • Sea Horse
  • Red Octopus
  • Crab
  • Sword Fish
  • Coral
  • Whale
  • Oyster with Pearl
  • Sea Otter
  • 11 Different Fish
  • Shrimp
  • Marlin Fish
  • Shark
  • Manta Ray
  • Pink Puffer Fish
  • Jelly Fish
  • Dolphin
  • Killer Whale
  • Seal
  • Lobster
  • Orange Octopus
  • Penguin
  • Walrus

How to Print the Ocean Animal Memory Game

  • To print your own free copy of the Ocean Animal Memory Game, when you sign up for our exclusive content below.
  • You’ll be sent an email with the printable pdf. You can choose either “print” to print immediately or “Save As” to save the document to your computer.
  • I recommend printing the game cards on heavier card stock paper so that they will last through many rounds of game play.
  • You can also easily laminate the game cards to make them last even longer.

To get the free Ocean Animal Matching Game printable, simply sign up for our free exclusive content below. You’ll receive immediate access to printable game pdf.

close up of three colorful ocean animal game cards

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collage of colorful printable game sheets

How to Play the Ocean Animal Memory Matching Game

There are three different pages of cards, for a total of 36 different images. There are two copies of each page for a total of 6 pages and 72 total cards.

The game is flexible so you can play the ocean animal memory matching game any way you want. You can easily adapt the game for different ages and attention spans.

  • Play with one page of image cards for a total of 12 different images and 24 game cards.
  • Play with two different pages of image game cards for a total of 24 unique images and a total of 48 game cards.
  • You can play with all three pages which will give you 36 different pairs of cards with a total of 72 cards.
  • Make sure to print 2 copies of each page of cards that you choose. Each different page has a different image with the title to make it easy to keep track of each different sheet.
school of bright orange fish and coral

Once you print out the pages of cards, cut the game cards out separately.

Shuffle the ocean animal matching game cards that you choose to play with well. Then lay them out in a grid pattern, with the images face down.

  • One unique page of game cards (two total sheets) should be laid out in a grid of 6 by 4.
  • Two unique pages of game cards (four total sheets) should be laid out in a grid of 8 by 6.
  • Three unique pages of game cards (six total sheets) should be laid out in a grid of 9 by 8.
sea turtle in ocean

The goal of the game is to turn over two cards with matching images.

  • The youngest player goes first and turns two cards over face up.
  • The goal is to match cards with the exact same images.
  • If the cards match, the player removes the pair and places it next to them. The player then takes another turn attempting to match two cards.
  • If the cards don’t match, the player turns the cards back over with the images down, keeping the cards in the same location.
  • Then the next player turns over two cards attempting to match cards.
  • Players continue taking turns until all the cards are matched.
  • Players should pay attention to each card that is turned over and remember the location so that they can create matching pairs from memory.
  • The player with the most matched pairs wins.

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Expert Tips for Printables

I’m worried about wasting printer ink – what can I do?

Most printers offer you the option to print in greyscale which is in black and white.

You can also look for the option to print in draft or economy mode. This usually means that the sheet is printed out with less ink. It still looks great and is a good way to print in color but use less ink.

How can I use the printable (what restrictions are there on use)?

You can print these pdf files as many times as you’d like for your personal or classroom use. Please do not share the file with family, friends or coworkers. Please do share the link to this post so they can access their own copy of the printable. All printables are copyrighted.

Be sure to pin this printable Ocean Animal Memory Matching Game so you can always find this free resource when you need it.

top image - school of large fish, bottom image - 3 brightly colored ocean animal matching game boards with title text reading free Ocean Animals Memory Matching Game
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