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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to accomplish each month? These 18 free monthly to do list printables are the perfect solution for you. They provide an easy way to keep track of all your goals and tasks and can be customized according to your own unique needs.

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Organizing your busy life can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you need to organize work projects, plan family activities, or just make sure you get all the errands done, having a monthly to-do list can help. The good news is, there are tons of free printable monthly to do lists in many different styles right here to help you stay organized and on top of everything each month.

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A monthly to-do list is a great way to plan ahead and stay organized month by month. Not only will it help ensure that nothing is missed, but it will also help reduce stress and bring a rewarding sense of accomplishment as you tackle and check off each item on the list.

What makes a monthly To Do List great?

  • It allows you to get all those priority tasks out of your head and down onto a paper list so you can free up your brain for creating and problem solving (rather than just storage).
  • It’s customizable.
    • You choose what you put on your task lists, and more importantly, what you don’t put on the list.
    • You decide whether to have one main list a month or a separate list for different categories.
    • You can choose a simple to-do list or a more complex tasks management system.
  • It’s flexible, so it can change as your life and your needs change.
    • Add tasks
      • Recurring monthly tasks
      • Seasonal tasks that are specific to each month
      • New requirements
    • Delete tasks
    • Completed tasks that you don’t have to carry over from the previous month
    • Tasks you’ve decided to no longer complete
  • It’s easy to use .
  • It’s a very low cost solution to managing your tasks and time.
A collection of monthly checklists for a year displayed in a scattered arrangement.

Monthly To Do List Printables

Types of Monthly To Do Lists

  • Handwritten
    • A simple written list in a notebook of the most important things for the month can work well.
    • Sticky notes
      • You can simply write on sticky notes and schedule them on a wall grid. Remove the note when the task is completed.
      • You can use my How to Print on Sticky Notes tutorial to create your own templates.
several brightly colored pads of sticky notes next to sheet with grid of printed text.
  • Printable Checklist with a monthly to-do list of tasks
    • Checklist template
      • Is a general template that you can use to create your own list of tasks and priorities each month
      • You can get this free 2-page printable monthly to do list template when you sign up for our free newsletter.

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Stack of 4 printable sheets with rainbow colors for to do lists

  • Formatted monthly to do lists
    • These are checklists that are printable templates already designed for each specific month.
    • You can find all 12 of our free monthly to do lists on our free Printables List. They provided suggested tasks for each month and provide blank space for you to add your own specific tasks.
  • Online
  • Apps
    • My favorite is Remember the Milk because it’s so easy to use. It’s a free app available for mobile and on desktop.
    • Other popular to do apps are:
      • Todoist – A powerful app that works on multiple platforms and integrates with Zapier.
      • TickTick – free app that includes a habit tracker and Pomodoro timer

List of Tasks to Consider Adding

  • Tasks you’re responsible for
    • Consider if you want to add tasks that are family members’ responsibility
    • Consider if you want to add team members’ tasks for work to do lists
  • Personal tasks that are done each month or a few times a year
  • Seasonal tasks
    • Holidays
    • Cleaning and home maintenance
    • Shopping
  • Include important tasks and mundane tasks you do on a regular basis that you tend to forget
  • Action items – tasks that you have to do something with
  • Work projects – list each tasks, not just the name of the project
  • Household chores that occur monthly, seasonally or weekly
  • Birthday and other celebration cards and gifts that need to be purchased or mailed
  • Weekly tasks, if you don’t use a weekly to do list
  • Steps due this month of a larger project that may or may not be completed this month
  • Add tasks that revolve around important dates in the month

FAQ about Monthly To Do List Printables

How do I make a monthly To Do List?

  • Decide what task list template you’ll use
  • Brainstorm various tasks you do every month on a regular basis
    • Do not include daily tasks because it will make your monthly to do list to complex to be useful
    • You may want to add weekly tasks if this is the best way to track them, but be careful not to make your monthly tasks list too overwhelming by adding your weekly task list
  • Brainstorm tasks you do each year
    • These can be tasks you do once year or multiple times
    • Assign a month(s) to each task so that you can add them to the monthly planner list of tasks
    • Add tasks to each month’s to do list to create 12 to do lists, one for each month
      • Start with the recurring tasks you brainstormed above
      • At the start of each new month, add unique tasks that are due that month

How do I organize my To Do List?

  • Organize your to do list according to how you process your projects. This means there’s not one right way to set up and use your to do list.
  • Consider how you think of your projects and tasks:
    • Category of tasks
      • Work vs. personal
      • Paid vs. not paid
      • Different clients
      • Different family members
    • Type of task
      • If you’re a work-from-home business owner, you might separate dress-up tasks from dress-down ones
      • Outdoor vs. indoor
      • Working with clients vs. filing paperwork
    • Date due
    • Priority or Importance
    • How long or how much energy it will take
      • Knowing the quick, easy tasks versus the longer, more tiring tasks allows you to schedule them better in your daily planner
    • Individual or group tasks
      • You have to plan for group tasks based on when other members are available, but can schedule personal assignments when it works best for you
    • Other categories you use
  • Organize your list the way your brain naturally thinks about your tasks. This will make your list easier for you to use which will make it a useful, productive tool for you (and not a frustration).

How do you organize too many tasks?

  • Brainstorm all to do tasks and create a main list
    • Gather tasks from:
      • Your monthly planner or calendar
      • Daily assignments
      • Client contracts
      • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
      • Class schedules
    • Solicit coworkers, team members or family members for tasks to be added to the main list
  • Add due dates to tasks with firm due dates
    • Include start dates and interim dates
  • Assign priorities to all tasks
    • This allows you to focus on the most important tasks first
  • Identify quick, easy to complete tasks
    • Knowing which tasks can quickly be completed helps you to knock them out when you have a small window of time.
    • Knowing which tasks are easy to accomplish, allows you to best assign them to employees or group members.

Looking for more monthly organizing printables?

Monthly Meal Plan – A Free 6-page monthly meal planner to create reusable meal plans that you can use over and over again – saving time & money so you can eat much better.

6 images of monthly meal planning templates with text overlay.

Monthly Calendar Spread – Make creating your bullet journal a snap with this free printable bullet journal monthly spread. It’s available in both full-page and half-page sized versions.

top image of 3 monthly spread pages, bottom image of full-page bullet journal monthly spread.

Free Printable Calendar and Planner – Organize your time and plan your year with this 14-page free printable calendar and planner for increased productivity and reduced stress.

7 free planner pages in blue and red.

SMART Goals Template – Set and achieve your goals with these free printable SMART Goals Templates. These worksheets make goal setting easy and help you purposefully set achievable, motivating goals.

top image black typewriter with "goals" on page, bottom image of 2 colorful SMART goals printables.

Interested in digital month to do lists?

A Year of Automated Monthly To Do Lists – Get your free copy of this automated year’s worth of Monthly To Do Lists. You can use these tasks to create your own personalized to do lists.

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Expert Tips for Printables

How do I access the free printables Mentioned above

Sign up for our free exclusive content above. When you submit the form, you will immediately be able to access a link to the pdf.

How do I print the pdf format file?

The pdf usually opens right up when you tap the pdf link. When that happens, simply right click on the pdf and either print to your home printer or save the document to your device.

I’m worried about wasting printer ink – what can I do?

Most printers offer you the option in the print guide to print in greyscale which is in black and white.

You can also look for the option to print in draft or economy mode. This usually means that the sheet is printed out with less ink. It still looks great and is a good way to print in color but use less ink.

How can I use the printable (what restrictions are there on use)?

You can print this pdf file as many times as you’d like for your personal use or classroom use. Please do not share the file with family, friends or coworkers. Please do share the link to this post so they can access their own copy of the printable. All printables are copyrighted.

Monthly to do list printables provide many benefits, like helping you organize long-term goals and breaking down projects into smaller, achievable steps. This makes it easier to focus on completing small tasks one at a time instead of becoming overwhelmed or discouraged by larger tasks or forgetting tasks when you’re busy. Additionally, they’re an easy way to track progress throughout the month, so you can see how much you’ve accomplished and they can provide motivation when needed.

You can find all our best productivity printables and tips in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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