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Your morning can set the tone for your whole day so having a good morning routine is the key to daily success. Whether you’re looking for extra motivation to add something new like exercise or creating a whole new routine for yourself, having daily goals will help you feel like you can take on anything with a positive attitude.

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Taking the time to examine your morning routine (or non-existent one) is a great way to prioritize and create a good morning routine specifically for you. Every person’s routine will be different, but there are specific tips that are essential to creating great morning habits. It’s important to remember that you are looking to improve yourself and make life easier!

Every task that is added to creating your good morning routine is to better yourself and have a productive day. By creating this daily schedule, you are outlining the activities and ideas that will become habits. Even if you’re not interested in improving your writing, committing to something like journaling and using a bullet journal can give you discipline, mindfulness, and a positive attitude! Of course, a natural part of the process will be trying a schedule and making adjustments for your needs, to help you develop the best morning routine for you and your unique needs. Having a morning routine that works for you will help you feel prepared and ready for your day!

What Are Essential Parts of A Good Morning Routine?

A good morning routine is your daily schedule for waking up and getting ready for the rest of your day. By having a daily routine, you can create morning habits and improve yourself. You want to design one that will help you complete essential tasks while keeping you positive and stress-free. The beautiful thing about this is that you can plan out your morning in as few or as many details as you would like. You can schedule every minute from when you wake up to when you leave or you can have an order of tasks to complete between your wake up and commute. It’s all about creating habits and goals for yourself that work uniquely for you. Key components of a good morning routine:

  • Establishing a consistent wake-up time will help you keep your schedule and make you feel better. Thanks to your circadian rhythm, your body loves waking up at a regular time and it’ll make sticking to your schedule easier.
  • Set aside the time you need to brush your teeth, get dressed, and anything else you need to be ready for the day. Allocating a specific, reasonable amount of time will help you get ready each morning without rushing or stress.
  • Unless your day is super flexible, you’ll need a routine deadline or have-to-be-ready time. This is the time when all of your morning routine tasks need to be completed. Establishing your morning deadline also help to not over-schedule yourself first thing in the morning.
  • Whenever you make changes to your morning routine, be sure to try out the new routine for several weeks to really evaluate how it works and if it is a good morning routine for you.
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A Good Morning Routine

Consider Your Current Morning Schedule

The first step to figuring a good morning routine for you is to look at what you’re already doing.

List every step that helps you start your day in order so that you can evaluate your current morning routine. It’s okay if you’re not consistent with the order of tasks every day. Just taking stock of what you do from waking up until you leave for work or drop off the kids will help. By writing down everything you do in the mornings, you can figure out what is working for you and what you need to change.

You’re looking to create a good morning routine of only tasks that are helpful and necessary. Consider if your current tasks help you accomplish that or motivate and inspire you for the rest of your day.

Create a To-Do and To-Don’t List

Now that you’ve written down your current schedule, it’s time to make changes and update goals for your morning.

By creating a good morning routine to-do list, you can start adding a new intention for yourself in the mornings. Is there a new mindset that you want to cultivate in your life with your new routine?

  • If you’re looking for positivity, then start a gratitude journal.
  • If you want to be more in shape but never find the time, add a quick 20 to 30-minute workout to your schedule.
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Also, consider what you don’t want to do in the morning.

  • Have you noticed that going on social media in the morning makes it harder to get out of bed and start your day? Then make the conscious decision to remove that from your schedule!
  • Does answering your email while you’re getting ready, distract you from your tasks and stress you out? Many people need to be up to speed before even stepping foot in the office but there needs to be a balance. Allocate some time specifically for your email so you can fully concentrate on every task.

Make the Morning Easier by Preparing in Advance

Doing things the night before may seem like cheating, especially since we’re discussing morning routines, but preparing in advance can help you so much. In order to fit in your own time, the kids, and your morning commute, it may be necessary to reorganize how you prepare lunch, your wardrobe, and getting-ready routine. Through organization and preparedness, you can make your new morning routine even easier.

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  • Make lunch easier to pack in the mornings for both you and the kids by reorganizing the fridge and meal prepping. Organize a ready-to-assemble lunch drawer with sandwich ingredients, ready-to-go snacks, and drinks for the kids so packing lunches will be easy! If you prefer hot lunches, you can also save time by cooking large meals and packing them in lunch-ready containers for the rest of the week. 
  • Picking out your outfit the night before, can save time in your mornings. By consciously choosing items, you can be more mindful of your style, the weather and your schedule for the next day. To further streamline your routine and reduce stress, you can start building a capsule wardrobe so that all of your pieces match and work well together.
  • Make your morning skincare and makeup routine even simpler by reorganizing your bathroom and vanity. In the bathroom, you should keep your daily used items like face wash, moisturizers, and mascara together in one place. Organizing everything into more useful storage containers will give you access to everything you need without searching for it.

The important thing to remember is that no two people’s morning routine is going to be exactly the same. You should personalize it to your own needs and update it as your situation and needs change. The important thing is that you’re creating the best good morning routine for you.

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  1. I am a pretty regimented person, so my morning routine is fairly consistent. I get up, make my bed, brush my teeth, exercise, eat breakfast and do devotions, shower, and head out. This is a great post, because it points out how great it feels to have some familiarity to your day. I believe it makes me feel confident and at least somewhat in control of the day. Admittedly, this was much harder when I had small children in the house. In that stage, I couldn’t do everything exactly as I wanted because I was working around their needs. As you say, find a routine that works for you, at your current stage.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Seana. When I had young children, I always explained to friends that I had a routine and not a schedule, meaning we did things every day and often in a set order, just not on a timetable. You’ve got to find what works best for your personality and your situation. (fist bump, my friend)

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