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Giving a creative hobby subscription box is the perfect idea for so many people on your gift list (including yourself). Here are 20 of the best monthly craft boxes in popular categories.

Creative monthly box ideas for adults and families in the categories of:

  • Craft Boxes
  • Gardening Boxes
  • Mysteries and Puzzles Subscription Boxes
  • Cooking Gift Boxes
  • Baking Monthly Boxes
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A monthly subscription box can also be given as a one-time gift, so it’s an incredibly versatile gift idea. Don’t worry about being locked into an on-going subscription. You can choose to purchase just one box, or sign up for the subscription and then cancel whenever you want.

Creative Hobby Subscription Boxes

Monthly Craft Boxes for Adults

balls of yarn with knitting project and cup of tea on table
  • Craft In Style – Each box contains supplies to make a stylish Pinterest-worthy craft. Every box has new projects, easy instructions, all the needed supplies, and free gifts, too.
  • Palletful Packs –  Each box contains the best art supplies, no matter your age or skill level! Every box includes everything you need to create a work of art. Items can include pens, watercolors, markers, sketch pads, acrylics, canvases, and more!
  • Oui Macramé – Learn to macramé with a monthly subscription box that contains a project, all of the supplies and support you need to complete the monthly project. The boxes begin with EASY level projects and increases in difficulty each month so that the projects get bigger, your skills grow and until you begin to create macramé magic all on your own!
  • Terra Create – This subscription box is for tweens, teens and adults interested in making gifts and keepsake projects featuring artisan quality tools and natural materials. Boxes are designed with gender neutral projects, neither stereotypically boy or girl projects.
  • Bargain Bead Box –  Each box includes more than $50 worth of top-quality gemstone, glass, crystal, and/or metal beads and findings.Each month we curate a new box of top-quality beads and jewelry supplies. Each box contains 12-16 full-sized items curated for a monthly theme.
  • Coloring and Classics – A monthly box combining adult coloring books, activity books, and hardcover books to read in your choice of genre. The activities combine imagination, problem-solving, and creativity.

Gardening Gift Box

  • My Garden Box –  Each box contains unique plant themed items. You’ll get everything needed to build relaxing, and enriching garden projects, including a variety of live plants, with both indoor and outdoor options.
  • The Plant Club – A monthly box that includes a new choice of houseplant, cool pots and everything else you need to grow your new plant.
  • The Succulent Source – Each box contains 5 carefully curated succulent and cactus plants  Care instructions are included and each plant is labeled.

Mystery & Puzzle Subscription Box

  • Sleuth Kings – Each monthly box contains new case files full of clues, evidence and puzzles. With the case file, you work with Lead Detective Sullivan King to uncover additional evidence to bring you another step closer to solving the case. Each case is stand-alone and fun for 1-4 sleuths. There’s even a rookie option available!
  • Madmen & Heroes – The monthly box allows you to disentangle puzzles, ciphers and mystifying enigmas to reveal the story within. Each box is a stand alone challenge rooted in history.
  • Boxed Locks – A monthly box perfect for children aged 10 and above to adults who loves discovery and puzzle solving. Use a mixture of clues and props to navigate and discover the final code and unlock your chest! Don’t worry, the hints and solutions are included.
  • Conundrum Box – The escape room-in-a-box that you can play with friends, family, or by yourself. Includes fun and exciting narratives to solve puzzles with your family and friends. Experience different story environments through suggested music, food, history, fiction, and drink.
overhead of baked bars with drizzled icing and raspberries

Baking Monthly Subscription Box

  • Fresh Baked Cookies Crate – Each box contains pre-measured, handcrafted organic, all-natural ingredients to bake gourmet cookies. Also includes fun cookie-themed gifts.
  • Fikabrod – A monthly subscription box perfect for both beginning and more experienced bakers. Each box contains 5–7 high quality items, such as specialty sugars, handcrafted nut butters, artisan sprinkles, and gourmet, international ingredients. Also included are curated baking decorations, unique kitchen tools, and fun baking-related items.
  • Red Velvet NYC – A monthly DIY gourmet baking box. Each box contains two baking kits, with all the pre-measured ingredients and a detailed recipe card. Learn new tricks, tips and techniques.
  • Crumble Crate – A monthly creative baking box including pre-measured premium quality dry ingredients, specialty baking tools, fun kitchen surprises, a keepsake recipe card with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

Cooking Subscription Box

bowl of fried rice with beef and fork
  • Inspired Indian Cooking – Each box contains pre-measured spices and select pantry ingredients for a delicious, complete meal serving 4 – 5. The recipes can easily be adaptabld to vegetarian, vegan, and other diets.
  • ChefTrunk –  A monthly box that contains recipe ideas and tips, alog with 3 – 4 special chef tested ingredients to inspire and create your very own signature dishes! A bonus tool or gadget in each box!
  • International Meals by Takeout Kit – A quarterly subscription box that feeds 4. You’ll learn the culinary history of the dish with easy to follow instructions to craft your delicious global-inspired meal. Suggestions for fresh add-ins and drink pairings are included to elevate your experience. Choose from 16 dishes such as: Pad Thai, Ramen and Indian Butter Masala.
  • Seligo – Authentic Italian Experience – A monthly box that contains the main ingredients to create the experience of a proper Italian dinner, with authentic and artisanal products from Italy. Each box contains a fun gift.

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Find all my best subscription box and gift ideas in the table below. You can scroll through the entire table and click on an idea that interests you or use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for a specific topic.

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