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Whether it’s your home office, your office at work or your college desk, a desk organizer makes all the difference in a workable desk and a chaotic, messy desk. And we all know that an organized desk reduces stress and increases your productivity.

neatly organized desk with plant with title text reading The Best Desk Organizer tips and products

We’ve all had to learned the importance of maintaining an organized desk and office space this past year. Whether you’re newly working from home, working from home with family members at home or working in the office during these chaotic times.

These desk organizer products and tips work well for college students and there’s even a college desk organization ideas section below with products tailored for the college student, dorm and college apartment.

Knowing the priorities in setting up an organized desk and the best products to use will make setting up your desk for maximum productivity a snap.

How should I organize my desk?

  • An organized desk starts with a good declutter. Make sure you only have the items you need and use in your desk.
  • Establish your priorities in using your desk.
    • How much work space do you need?
    • What items must be stored on your desktop?
    • What items must be stored in or near your desk?
    • Do you need to be able to secure any drawers or items?
  • Store extraneous items or extra office supplies in another location rather than your desk.
  • Use organizing trays to keep small and loose items neatly contained in drawers.
  • Take advantage of vertical space, especially in small spaces:
    • Wall shelves
    • Wall organizer
    • Desk riser
  • Use organizers on your desk to hold papers, files, pens and other supplies neat and organized.
  • Use adjacent space next to your desk.
    • A tall book shelf or filing cabinet can extend your organizing space.
  • Use space under your desk.
  • Establish set locations to keep each category of office supplies and products.
  • Label your organization system so that you remember to use it he way you designed it.
computer monitor on neatly organized white desk

Desk Organizers

After you’ve decluttered and set the priorities for your workspace, you need to find the best ways to organize your space. Finding the right desk organizing products can make all the difference in making your desk space work for you so that you can do your best work.

Drawer Organizer

A desk drawer quickly becomes a jumbled mess unless you use a drawer organizer or tray to keep the multitude of little items neatly contained where you can quickly find them.

lined up clear drawer organizing trays in a variety of sizes
black drawer organizing tray insert
black and melon organizing tray set in variety of sizes
2 clear and turquoise organizing trays

Desk Organizer Shelf

neatly organized desk with computer

A desk shelf takes advantage of vertical space and provides additional storage space. Look for shelf that leaves enough workspace on your desktop and is flexible enough to handle your changing desk organizing needs.

wood desk top shelf
drown desk with built in shelves
brown riser for computer monitor
small desktop shelf

Paper Trays

paper tray with grey hat on top

A paper tray can take those messy piles of paper scatters all over your desk and contain them in a designated and easy-to-find place. Establishing one organized location for all your paper, clears your desk to give you more work space and the open space can give you a feeling of calm.

black wire stacked paper trays filled with turquoise desk items
black 8 compartment mail sorter with multiple colors of paper
white vertical mail sorter
bamboo file sorter on top of drawer unit

Wall Organizers

Sometimes the best desk organizer solution is using wall space either in front of your desk or right next to it. This allows you to move items that would otherwise take up space on your desk or work area and move them onto space that is otherwise unused.

black wire 3 compartment file organizer on wall
black wall file organizer with colorful files

Desk Organizer with Drawers

Drawers can help keep supplies and papers neatly organized and out of sight. Evaluate what items you want to store in drawers and then select products that will specifically address your needs. There are several different types of desk drawers so you can find the type that works best for your desk and your needs.

Desktop Drawers

wood drawer office supply organizer for desk top
black wire desk organizer with computer monitor on top
3 compartment black wire drawer organizing unit for desk top
grey 3-drawer desk top organizer

Under the desk drawers

black plastic organizer drawer that clips on to desk top and pivots under and out from desk
black metal under desktop drawer

Under desk drawer unit

black rolling drawer set with locking top drawer
white 5 drawer unit on wheels

College Desk Organization Ideas

The same principles and products apply for college desk. The two tops tips are:

  • Keep only what you absolutely need in and on your desk. Banish clutter.
  • Use vertical space above and below the desk to increase your storage space.

Additional products that are tailored for the unique needs of college students and small spaces:

6 green desk clamps to hold cords
white desk shelf  with books
grey document box with lid
white 3-tier rolling cart
mesh drawer organizer with office supplies
white desk drawer filled with office supplies

Desk Organizer DIY Ideas

DIY Pencil cup with pencils and supplies
  • I collected 10 of my favorite recycled office organizers.
  • A shoebox or other shallow box filled with toilet paper rolls, paper cups and smaller boxes to create an office supplies organizer.
shoebox decorated with a striped pink sweater
  • A pencil cup made from repurposed diskettes. You could make several of these and attach them together to make a larger organizer.
  • Metal cans used separately or attached together to make a desk organizer. You can set this on the desktop or hang it on the wall.
  • PVC pipe cut to the right length and attached to make a desk organizer to sit on your desk or hang on your wall.
  • This Big Bang Theory pencil cup is a nostalgic favorite of mine.

More Office Organizing Ideas

Be sure to pin these desk organizer ideas now so you can find them again in the future when you need them.

Find all my best organizing tips, hacks, printables and favorite products in the table below. ​You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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