Made in America Kitchen Products

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I’ve noticed that it’s easier to find products that are Made in America than it was even a year ago.  If we as consumers choose to purchase items Made in America over items made elsewhere, then we will influence companies to make more products here.
Here are some Made in America kitchen items I’ve found in the last 6 months.  Sometimes it’s like playing “Where in the world is the Made in the USA symbol.”  But if you look close enough, you’ll find it.
Flexible Cutting Boards
Farberware flex mats set
Cutting Boards
Tutti Frutti cutting board
Dish Sponge
a dish sponge with a handle with a blue arrow pointing to the label
a white colander
Stackable Storage Container
a container with a label on it with thext reading Holds a 3 lb bag of rice
Storage Container with a Flip Lid
a Snapware Airtight container
Oven Safe Storage Bowls
a package of pyrex storage bowls

I’d love to hear about products you’ve found so we can all be on the lookout for them.And if you support buying Made in America products, you can join together with me to ask stores to clearly identify which products are Made in America.

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  1. Wow, you found a lot of great products that are made in America! I love all of these kitchen items.


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