4 Tips to Organize Spices

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We recently completed our kitchen renovation and I’m in the process of putting everything away and getting it perfectly organized.  Over the years and 20+ homes, I’ve figured out the best way to organize spices in our kitchen so it works for us.  I have 4 simple tips to organize spices that will make cooking easier for you.

interior of cabinet with 2 shelves of organized bottles of spices on turn table and in wood box

Tips to Organize Spices

Use a Lazy Susan

I love using Lazy Susans to keep my spice bottles organized and visible.  I’ve had the 2-tiered Lazy Susan on the right for almost 20 years (that’s how useful it has been).  I’m able to see all my spices with a quick spin and find just what I need.  A Lazy Susan is a great way to make an awkward corner cabinet work for you.  I use multiple Lazy Susans to organize different categories of spices and seasonings.

spice bottles and seasoning bottles on turn tables on cabinet shelf

Make It Easy To Find

Tumbling through a bunch of bottles of spices to find what you need can be extremely frustrating. I know you’ll be surprised to know that I alphabetize my spices.  I can quickly find exactly what I need. Since my children are in the tween and teen years, it also helps them to know where the spice bottle goes after they’ve used it and are putting it away.  If you have multiple cooks, it really helps to have assigned locations for each spice and seasoning so everyone can find what they need (and know where to put it away to when they’re done).

overhead view of spice packets in basket with blue fabric liner

If alphabetizing your spices isn’t for you, then you can group them together by use or type. I keep my Hawaiian specific seasonings and spices together in this one basket.  Whenever I’m making a Hawaiian dish, I just grab this basket and can find what I need immediately.


over head view of wood box filled with bottles of spices and spice packets

If a Lazy Susan won’t work for you in your kitchen, containerize your spices in bins.  This bin with handle makes it easy to pull the bin down to the counter where you can easily look through all the spices.  (Of course, I recommend alphabetizing them in the bin, but then I just can’t help myself sometimes.)

Label with Date

bottles of spices on 2-tier white Lazy Susan with white and black text overlay arrows pointing to dates written on labels of spices

If you label each bottle with the date that you opened the spice, you’ll easily be able to tell when it’s time to replace a spice (I just realized that it’s time for me to replace my ground ginger since it’s 4 1/2 years old). Labeling spices takes the guess-work out of wondering how old that bottle you excavated from the back of the cabinet is. I simply use a Sharpie to write the date on the label, but you could use pretty labels to do the same.

2 tiered Lazy Susan with spice bottles next to Lazy Susan with spices and bottles of oils

If you come to my house to visit, you’ll be able to jump right in and help cook a meal since all my spices are easy to find (I have a method to my madness, of course).  What tips do you use to organize spices in your kitchen?

Corinne at Wondermom Wannabe shares her Spice Cabinet Checklist that will help you organize your shopping list and make sure you always have the spices you need on-hand.

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  1. I would have never thought to alphabetize my spices! Duh! I do have packets in a basket but they are just tossed in willy nilly and I have to take time to dig around and find them. If I am in the middle of cooking, this can be bad! Great ideas and thanks for sharing my homemade spices!

    1. I love your homemade spices. I can’t wait to make them up this weekend (and then organize them, of course πŸ˜‰

  2. Marking the spice jars with the purchase date is so smart! I do keep my spice packets in a rectangular basket, but mine aren’t alphabetized (yet!). Heading to my kitchen to do some organizing…

    1. Your family will tease you if you alphabetize your spices (ask me how I know), but it really does make life easier.

  3. Great minds think alike. I’ve used a Lazy Susan in my kitchen for years. The two tiers are great use of vertical space. I also use a bin. However it didn’t occur to me to date my spices. I will have to start doing that.

    1. Darlene, I absolutely love that 2-tiered Lazy Susan. It’s moved 10 or more times with me around the world. I agree with you that it’s a great way to use vertical space. Glad I could help with the dating the spice bottle idea. I noticed as I was writing this post that I need to go through all my spices because I have some that are bit old now.

  4. Hi Susan – Solidarity my friend! I too, use a double decker lazy susan and alphabetize my spices. You know it! Hugs, Holly

  5. I think my favorite tip is alphabetizing the spices! I actually never thought of that, even though that is how they’re sold in the grocery store. I love my spices, and have so many of them… I will try some of your tips!

    1. Invite me over for lunch, Andrea, and I’d be happy to alphabetize your spices for you! πŸ™‚

  6. I like that you marked the spices with the dates. so clever. Alphabitizing is also creative. I don’t do it as I have all my spices in visible layers but I will do for sure now.

  7. I love the idea of using a Lazy Susan! And yes, spices last a long time but do eventually expire. Writing on them is something I’m going to start doing. Great tips! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Heather. I love my 2-level Lazy Susan (I’ve always wondered if was called any other name would I like it as much or is it just because it’s my namesake?) πŸ™‚

  8. Great tips! Thanks for sharing at Tips Tricks! Hope to see you again this week! πŸ™‚

  9. I organize our pantry in a similar way. I love having everything organized so I know exactly what I have on hand and where to find it. It makes shopping easier too. Pinning!! Thanks for linking to Tips & Tricks. We can’t wait to see what you link up next. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m more of the “Oh, when was the last time I looked at the date” school. I need to make sure it’s bold and easy to see or I just forget to check.

  10. I just recently found your site and love all your ideas but I noticed that you didn’t mention labeling the tops of the spice jars if you are going to put them in a container. I label mine even though they are alphabetized because if I have’t used something in a while I may not remember that it is in there. It also helps when my husband or son are looking for a spice.

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Diana. I’m short and keep my spices on a shelf. I forget that other folks might look at the lid first (short girl oversight). πŸ™‚

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