February To Do List

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Originally published on February 1, 2013 and updated on March 26, 2020.

Can you believe that it’s February already?  It’s time to look over the February To Do List for the month and schedule these chores activities.

Printable checklist - the February To Do List in blue and black text

Planning ahead for the month simplifies your activities, reduces stress and saves money. So, yes, it’s a win-win-win and so easy to do with your free printable February To Do List.

February To Do List

How to Print the Checklist

You can get your free printable February To Do List.

  • Simply click on the link above.
  • When the image opens, right click on the image.
  • Save the to do list pdf to your computer.
  • Then you can print the checklist as many times as you’d life for your personal use.

Why Use a February To Do List

My family lives all across the country so I need to get Valentine’s cards in the mail by the 10th, at the latest.  I usually make my cards and I try to have them done by the first week of February.    Whether you make them or buy them, get started early so that you can be sure to mail them on-time.

Pile of colorful Valentine's Cards

If you’re giving any Valentine’s Day gifts, make or purchase them the first week of February also.  You don’t want to be that person frantically running out at lunch on Valentine’s Day to find any old the perfect gift for your loved one.  Save yourself the stress and get that gift now. A  Repurposed Sweater Pillow is an easy and non-caloric gift idea.

Pink and Red Sweater Pillows with text in a heart graphic reading Upcycled Sweater Pillows

This easy-to-make sweater gift bag is a great way to use the sleeves from your sweater pillows.

2 red Sweater gift bags with bows

We’re 2 months away from Tax Day.  Take the time now to start going through your tax paperwork and see what receipts or documents you need to gather.  Make a list of what you’re still missing and start getting those documents now.  Filing taxes is stressful enough, make it a little easier by collecting everything you need now. You can use my Couch Potato Organizing tips to tackle your paperwork while watching your favorite show.

a purple folder with a 2012 label on it and a green folder with a 2013 label on it

I use the month of February to degrease and clean my kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  February works well for me since we’re usually stuck inside due to the cold weather.  With all the holiday cooking done in November and December, it’s the perfect time to clean those cabinets well.   And for those of you that have a summer move coming up, your cabinets should still be pretty clean when you’re ready to move; you’ll only need to touch up high traffic areas.

Towards the end of the month, I take the time to go through my children’s summer clothes that have been packed away. My teens can do this on their own, they just need a little reminder.  I take the time with my 10-year old to have him try things on to see what still fits. And now that he’s a year older, we look at whether he still likes the style. If he don’t like it and won’t wear it, I may grumble, but it needs to go.

There are two advantages to going through the summer clothes this early. First, if you want to consign any children’s items, you have time to get them ready for the sale. Secondly, you’ll know what items to look for when you’re out shopping. You’ll know if you need more denim shorts or if you still have 5 pairs that will fit.  That way you don’t end up buying things you already have plenty of and not buying the things that you don’t have enough of.

blue tub with folded clothes and white label on the front with text reading Summer Clothes

Don’t forget to go through your own clothes, too!  If it doesn’t fit or you don’t love it, it needs to go.  You’ll be happier with 10 outfits you absolutely love than with 30 outfits that are so-so.  Really.  If it’s tough for you to edit your clothes, just go through and eliminate 2-5 items.  Then next week go back and look again.  Keep editing a few items at a time so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. You can use my 10-Minute Purging Tips to help you purge your clothes quickly.

I also consider the seasonal sales for this month.  Is there anything I need that is on-sale or worth stocking up on this month?  Hint, if you buy Valentine’s candy on sale after Valentine’s, I have a great recipe for Candy Bar Cookies

Glass of milk with straw next to stack of Twix cookies

Next month we’ll start tackling Spring cleaning chores on our March To Do List. Pin the February To Do List now so you can find it every February each year.

Printable checklist - the February To Do List in blue and black text

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