March To Do List

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I find it’s much easier for me to tackle family and home tasks when I schedule some of them for each month. By assigning different tasks to each month, I can make sure I accomplish them when appropriate for the season or upcoming holidays. You can download your own free printable copy of the March To Do List.  

image of red and blue checklist for monthly to do tasks with title text reading Free Printable Monthly To Do List

 March To Do List

Whether Easter is in March or April, this is the perfect time to go ahead and get your Easter cards ready now. Then as life gets busy later in the month, you won’t forget them. Ask me how I know.  These cards were ones I made to be sent out last year. Oops.

3 DIY colorful Easter cards on white table

Technically, you have a month and a half until you HAVE to file your taxes, but go ahead and start or finish them now. The sooner you get them done the sooner you can forget about them relax for another year. If you have a refund coming, file your taxes yesterday, yes, yesterday

2 file folders with "2012" and "2013" on tabs

If you owe taxes, wait until the first or second week of April to file. Once you have finished filing, be sure to file your tax forms along with all supporting documentation away, just in case you ever need it. I recommend using a pocket folder to keep all those papers neatly together in one place and easy to find.

open black and white polka dot box with paperwork next to 2 stacked white photo boxes with title text reading How to Organize Tax Paperwork for home & small business

Be sure to check out more of my tips on How to Organize Tax Paperwork in preparation for next year’s taxes.

And in case you’re wondering what to do with your tax refund next week, these Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund plus a free printable worksheet will help you get started. 

Now that we’ve got the paperwork done, let tackle a little spring cleaning.  

vacuum hose near baseboards and floor vent

Vacuum your baseboards and the floor next to your baseboards.  Dust and pet hair collect here because your regular vacuuming doesn’t reach into the corners as well as if you use the crevice tool.

small white scrap on floor near baseboard and vacuum hose

Look what I found along the baseboards near my craft table. It’s from my Valentine’s Tic Tac Treats. The tiny heart was a bright spot in an otherwise not smiley chore.

hand vacuuming upholstery on tan couch

Take the time to vacuum your upholstered furniture.  Vacuum each cushion and flip and rotate them. 

hand vacuuming under red couch

Be sure to vacuum under all your furniture.  If you have someone to help you move the furniture, even better. But at least vacuum well under everything. 

Dust the corners of all walls and near the ceiling.  There may be spiderwebs from the fall and winter that you missed earlier. 

feather duster cleaning corner near ceiling

Wipe down doors, door jambs and light switch covers. This is a great job for your little ones from ages 4-40. 

woman's hand with white cloth cleaning light plate

Take a cold or rainy afternoon to go through last year’s summer clothes with your children. Try items on and separate out what doesn’t fit to donate or consign. 

blue storage tub filled with folded clothes with a label on it with text reading Summer Clothes

Go through your own clothes, both summer and winter if you can stand it.  Get rid of any winter clothes that you didn’t wear, don’t fit or you don’t love.  Go through your summer clothes ruthlessly and eliminate anything that doesn’t fit well and you don’t love.  Hint: if you get rid of summer clothes that don’t work for you now, you have a reason to shop the Spring clothes sales.

clothing on hangers

Take a quick look at the items that will be on sale this month and see if there’s anything you should keep an eye out for. You know, anything that you really want need.

You can find more free printables and monthly To Do Lists to make getting and staying organized easier. If you want to look ahead, here’s the April To Do Checklist.

clipboard with white sheet of paper and purple text overlay reading 100+ free Printables

For more simple and powerful productivity tips, hacks and printables, see the table below. You can scroll through the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. Wow – this really makes me think about my disorganization. I need these to do lists and I must admit I have a love hate relationship with them. I hate seeing everything I “need” to do but I get such satisfaction from crossing it off the list. Crazy, isn’t it?

  2. You have reminded me of so many chores I need to take care of. I will be printing off this list and making sure I take care of all of the things on it.

  3. I love to-do lists by season, and need to do all of these! Thanks for the ideas — I am adding this to my planner, along side my 40-bags-40-days to-dos!

  4. I like the idea of a monthly printable of things to do around the house. My husband just mentioned the other day that he needs to get started on our taxes. The past 3 years he’s had to file early because they had to be done with the FAFSA. Now that the rules of the FAFSA changed, he didn’t have to file them so early. I also like your pocket folder idea to store the taxes and a nice box to store them in. Ours are just on a bookshelf.

  5. We are moving this summer as we are building a new home for our final retirement. Ater living in our current home for almost 50 years you can image how much needs to be cleared out. From attic to basement. We are both in our 70’s and your ideas makes me feel like I can do this pretty much by myself. Thanks for all the great ideas

    1. That’s a big move, Suzanne! You can do this. It’s the “How do you eat an elephant?” question. One bite at a time. Feel free to email me anytime with questions (susan (at) organized31 (dot) com ) Really.

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