Gift Guide for the Tech Lover

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If you’ve ever shopped for tech gadgets in the past, you know that it can be extremely tricky. Finding the perfect gift for the techie on your list can be challenging. While these devices are popular, they can require extensive research on price, quality and features before choosing and investing in one. This gift guide for the tech lover will help you find just the right tech product gift for anyone on your list. You’ll be able to wow the tech lover with these affordable gifts.

You’ll be shocked that some of the gifts in this gift guide for tech lovers are affordable enough for your Christmas gifts’ basket. You can find these gifts for as low as $50 and there’s something for tech lovers of all ages.

Gift Guide for the Tech Lover

  1. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

You have a forgetful and absent-minded friend and you’ve been wondering how you can help. A Bluetooth tracking tag is the answer you have been looking for! It can be linked to items such as a TV remote, keys, or an iPad. When the item comes up missing, your friend will simply use a companion app on their phone to quickly locate the missing item.

  1. Pac-Man Connect and Play Remote

This is an ideal gift for game lovers. The device is designed to allow your friend or relative enjoy all their childhood games on almost any TV set. It’s also a fun way to introduce children to the best of nostalgic gaming. And it’s family-friendly for children of all ages. 

  1. The Beddi Glow Alarm Clock

Buy this gift for the person who tends to oversleep. The alarm clock will motivate them to wake up on-time and energized to start the day. The high-tech clock has sunrise-simulating light which progressively becomes brighter for a more naturally wake up.  It also includes Bluetooth and a speaker so favorite music can be added to the morning routine.

  1. The Gear 360

Do you know someone who loves photography or video and sharing it with friends? The Gear 360 is the ideal gift for them. The device allows sharing of 360-degree videos and pictures from the high-tech camera. 360-degrees! Imagine all the excitement that can be captured and shared. This gift is also idea for folks who love to travel.

  1. Eero Router

This gift will revolutionize internet speeds for the recipient. It offers fast and consistent Wi-Fi that can cover your entire home. Its plug-and-play installation technique can be set up in about 10 minutes and includes parental control options.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot

This device is voice-controlled and allows you to operate it with voice commands. Think of everything that can be done with a simple voice command from the comfort of a chair or while busy cooking or completing other tasks. For example, you can use commands to set alarms, control home devices, and check the weather conditions. It comes in a variety of colors  so you can choose the perfect one for your friends.

  1. Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones

If you know a friend who loves the gym – this is the perfect gift. Gone is the headphone jack and has been replaced with these stylish Bluetooth headphones that will keep your friends entertained at the gym or other physical activity. The device is sweat-proof with flexible cables and built-in microphones.

  1. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

This compact keyboard is highly portable so you can access emails anywhere at anytime you want. The device is compatible with Android devices, iPads, Windows Tablets, and iPhones. How many times have you wished you had a keyboard so that you could type more comfortably and much more quickly? 

  1. iOttie iON Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad

Tangled and disorganized cables can be a headache and cause clutter in the home. The mass of cables near the outlet makes charging your smart phone difficult in addition to adding clutter.  This device makes charging a phone a breeze. It offers a reliable charging pad that boosts the battery life significantly. It’s the perfect gift for the tech loving minimalist or organizing fan. 

  1. Portable Charger for Apple Watch

Life is busy and everyone is always on the run these days. This gift allows the Apple Watch lover on your gift list to charge their Apple Watch anywhere and anytime and on the run.

If you want to encourage a love of STEM learning in your kids, this Science Kits and Gifts for Teenagers has lots of great ideas.

Looking for a deal on these high-tech gifts? You can often find great deals on electronics in November, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and December. When you can, plan for the best time to purchase tech gifts from this gift guide for the tech lover so that you can purchase them when they go on sale. 

Find all our best gift ideas for everyone on your list in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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