Science Kits and Gifts for Teenagers

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Wondering how to encourage a love of STEM learning? These 55+ science kits for teenagers and STEM gift ideas are the perfect place to start. There are great educational gift ideas for every science related interest and skill level. Make gift giving fun and educational.

top image - teen girl with chemistry set, bottom image - 2 teen boys working on engineering set.

I always included fun science gifts for birthdays and Christmas for my three children. When you make learning fun kids will want to learn more. Science is the ultimate fun and exciting gift (rockets, robots and chemistry!).

How do I get my teenager interested in science?

Encourage an appreciation and curiosity of the many fields of science by weaving it into your teen’s life.

  • Find natural ways to talk about science and STEM in everyday discussions.
  • Share exciting developments and current events in STEM and science.
  • Provide hands-on learning experiences that supplement their science education.
  • Find educational science kits that connect science to existing interests, for example, the Fragrance Perfume Making Science Kit.
  • Discuss the scientific process and how it helps us learn from our mistakes and gather data to find a working solution.
  • Look for in-depth experiences that will engage their imagination. A VR headset with all the impact of virtual reality is a great way to show teens the power of STEM learning and get them interested.
  • Connect your teen with great teachers and mentors.
  • Point out real world examples of STEM innovations in your teen’s day-to-day life.
  • Purchase gifts and provide experiences involving science and innovation.
  • Share stories of historical and current day scientists and innovators to inspire your teen.
  • There are many different science concepts. If one doesn’t interest your child, be sure to expose them to the other science areas. You never know what may catch their interest.
    • Chemical reactions, test tubes and chemistry
    • Circuit boards, computers and programming
    • Capillary action and biology
    • Different experiments involving engineering
collage of 5 images of teens and STEM projects.

Best Science Kits for Teenagers

Science subscription boxes make a great gift for teens and high school students or anyone interested in STEM science kits. It’s important to know that you can purchase as many months as you’d like, including one month.

These are high quality kits that encourage a deeper understanding of science and critical thinking.

MEL Science Chemistry Subscription Box – Each month a new box arrives with two to three new chemistry experiments and the necessary equipment, ingredients, and detailed instructions. Includes free live classes with professional science teachers to learn the principle behind the cool science kit and ask questions.

black chemistry kit box on orange table with beakers and tools.

Box of Matter – A monthly subscription box of collectible scientific artifacts and equipment for curious minds. Typical items sent are prehistoric fossils, scientific tools, cutting-edge materials, historic artifacts, and detailed research about the items to broaden your child’s STEM education. Box of Matter has been featured in Mental Floss, Buzzfeed, USA Today, and more.

ForensiKit – Have a great time learning about forensic science and methods. A monthly subscription box with hands-on techniques like fingerprinting, collecting shoe prints, and more. Use the same tools the experts use to detect the presence of blood and identify theft suspects. Each box comes with items that real investigators use and a detailed manual of instructions.

Crystal Science Kit – Use chemistry to create three different unique crystal formations. Have a great time while learning basic concepts and scientific principles.

black box with images of crystals.

X Workbox STEM Subscription Box – A monthly subscription boxes that includes two to three high quality hands-on STEM projects and all the supplies and tools you need. The different projects are designed to encourage young learners to explore the scientific method through experiences with electric motors, sensors, fluid power, gears, pulley systems and more.

Chemistry Science Kit –  Contains the high-quality lab equipment necessary to conduct more than 330 experiments. Projects in this chemistry kit explore the concepts of chemical equations, atomic structures, chemical bonding and more.

blue box of chemistry kit.

Big Daddy Rocket – This high powered rocket is built to handle all the power needed to reach heights of 900 feet. This is a great science gift that will teach teens how things work and will provide good times for the entire family.

grey, red and yellow rocket with black nose cone.

Fragrance Perfume Making Science Kit – Includes more than 27 tools and materials to create more than 13 different experiments and activities! Combine science experiments and your teen’s interest in scents, makeup and fashion.

yellow and pink fragrance science kit box.

Nanotechnology Science Experiment Kit – Explore the science of nanotechnology (working with the smallest structures, some as small as a few atoms) with more than 40 experiments using the included 60 pieces. Use both scaled-up models and actual nanomaterials in projects.

blue and black box with grey sphere and molecule style model reading nanotechnology.

Water Rocket Kit – Perfect for those interested in mechanics. Build this water rocket which can reach heights up to 90 feet. A fun toy that also teaches scientific prinicples.

black box with water model on front.

Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit – Everything you need to build over 175 different types of projects with over 55 color coded circuit components. Learn how to construct actual working circuits, devices and fiber optics with a detailed instruction manual.

black and yellow box with image of electronic light kit on front.

100X-2000X Microscope – Monocular Microscopes built with a solid metal frame. Coarse to fine focusing knobs provide detail and precise focus adjustment for a clear and sharp image. Can be used in conjunction with many science projects and kids’ science kits.

white and black microscope.

Electric Motor Kit with 20 STEM Activities – The kids includes 50 pieces that can transform into a number of fun motor prototypes. Create projects such as a tornado mixer, hovercraft, static mixer, crazy bug, animation illusion, a bulge of Earth, 2D-3D shapes, centrifuge mania, color mixer, motorboat and many more.

image of motor kit box.

Genetics & DNA Lab – Activities to learn bout the investigation of genetics and DNA. Isolate DNA in a test tube and see real genetic material. Assemble the included model to explore the double-stranded helical structure of DNA. Teens have fun analyzing DNA evidence to identify suspects and solve a crime.

green box with DNA helix model, petri dish and other science equipment.

Gskyer Telescope – 600x90mm AZ astronomical refractor telescope that comes with three replaceable eyepieces. This quality telescope is a great gift to teach about scientific equipment and astronomy.

white and black telescope with 3 additional lens.

Human Body Kit – This science kit includes a14 inch human body anatomy kit with removable muscles, organs and bones. Can be used as a fun toy action figure as well as an educational model.

human anatomy model in front of blue box of human body kit.

Tandem-X Launch Set – Teens can build each rocket in about a day. The 30-inch tall rocket can reach over 650 feet in height. The Crossfire rocket can reach heights of 1,200 feet.

red and white rocket on red launch stand with black rocket next to it.

Snap Circuits Extreme – Build over 750 projects including a sound activated switch, a lie detector, adjustable light controller, Am radio, rechargeable battery and more. Teaches teens how things work with easy-to-follow instructions.

white box with image of electronic circuit board.

Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit – Build and paint a glow-in-the-dark solar system to reinforce an interest in the galaxy and astronomy.

black box with image of the solar system's planets.

Electricity Discovery Circuit and Magnetism Experiment Kit – Hands-on projects building simple electrical and magnetic models. Projects includes creating series circuits, parallel circuits, a fruit battery, measuring an unknown resistor with Ohm’s law, creating Oersted experiment, building an electromagnet, electric bell and a hand crank generator and exploring Amper’s force.

images of green gages and parts need to build a circuit board.

Weather Science Kit – Everything you need to create four different weather scientific experiments. Projects included creating artificial snow, a solar oven, a tornado vortex and an erupting volcano.

white box with image of erupting volcano and 2 plastic bottles connected to make tornado tube.

Programmable Robot Arm – This robotic arm uses ARM core CPU, with built-in Bluetooth, and 16M storage memory. Teaches engineering building skills and programming skills.

blue and black robotic arm.

Elecfreaks Tinker Kit – Create different types of digital maker projects with a variety of octopus sensors and programing possible at a range of skill levels.

white cords and electronic parts lined up.

Building Kits for Teens

Raspberry Pi Pico Robot Car Kit – An engaging robotics kit that teaches Raspberry Pi Pico programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge. The kit is equipped with a variety of module, ultrasonic module, sensors, three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards and everything needed to build the car. The kit also provides MicroPython code and tutorials

black robotic car with circuit boards and other parts used to build it.

Geek Tools Kit Box –  A fully-equipped tool kit for DIY robot building and circuit board construction sets, including a comprehensive soldering kit for electronics.

red and black box with electronic tools.

Remote Controlled Robot Car Starter Kit – Great for any skill level. Build and program the robotic car. Skills involved are; creating circuits, using program sensors and actuators, programming, coding, electronics and robotics.

yellow and black robotic car with hands holding remote control.

Saint Albert’s Science Kits – A new box each month (you can purchase just one month) provides projects to explore design, building, tinkering with circuits, and engineering skills. Each box comes with everything needed for the project and also insight into the scientist that was Saint Albert. Skills learned include; building, problem solving, soldering, electronics and art.

Architectural Engineering Kit – Supplies and instructions to build 26 models of structures and structural elements. A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner 

blue box with image of robotic ferris wheel.

HEXBUG BattleBots Arena Pro – Modeled after television’s hit series BattleBots. The kit is designed for ages 8 and up. Create over 100 different bot configurations and challenge the opposing bot to see which wins.

black and white arena with 2 small robotic bots and black box in background.

Hover Racer Airboat Science Kit – Equipment and instructions to build a working hovercraft. Teens learn facts about hovercrafts while building their own working model. The completed hovercraft continues to entertain as it glides across tables and floors.

black, yellow and white box with image of airboat hover craft.

Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Building – For ages 12 to adult. Contains 160+ mechanical parts and electronic modules to build your own robot. Perfect for different robotics projects, such as a robotics arm, RC car, RC truck, and much more. Allows kids and adults to build and play together.

10 different blue robotic models.

Solar 21-in-1 Robot Kit – Build 12 different solar powered robots. This science kit comes with all the parts you need to build real working robots that can move on land and water.

14 different grey, orange and black robotic devices.

Learn to Code Python Multiplayer Adventure Games – Video Game Design Coding Software – Computer Programming for Kids, Ages 12-18 – Uses games as a fun medium to help students learn coding and create their own custom projects. The course focuses on expanding students critical thinking skills. Provides live mentor support. You can chat directly with a human mentor to make sure you know exactly how to best design and code games using our Python Multiplayer Adventure tutorials. Also, provides exclusive engaging coding demos on YouTube and in a code dungeon section.

black box with orange text saying, 'Learn to code multiplayer games in Python'.

Robotic Arm Edge Kit – An interactive learning robot kit for teens. Learn visual coding, building and programming. The robotic arm can memorize movements and repeat them, so it’s great for repeated tasks.

black robotic arm.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building – Use LEGO bricks to build remote control robots. The kit includes nearly 1,000 pieces, including an intelligent hub, four medium motors, a color sensor and a distance sensor with break-out interface.

robot with parts in front of purple-black kit box.

Simple Machines Kit – Build 60 working models utilizing simple machine concepts such as a scissor lift, a catapult, a helicopter, a vise, a wind mill and more. Simple machines are mechanisms that multiply force and are great kits for curious minds or to get kids started with basic concepts.

white box with image of robotic car.

Video Game Design Coding Software and Computer Programming for Kids Ages 11-18 – Uses gaming as a fun medium to help students understand computer logic through coding as they create their own JavaScript Computer Games. Expands students’ critical thinking skills. Questions answered and mentor support available through live chat. Additional learning through fun coding demos on YouTube and a code dungeon section for those purchased a course. PC, Mac and Chromebook compatible

orange box with black text saying 'Learn to Code Computer Games in Javascrip'.

3D Christmas Tree Electronic Assemble Kit – This holiday-themed soldering kit is designed to improve your electronics knowledge and soldering skills. 

green Christmas tree made from electronic boards with green, black and white pieces on table.

Physics Laws-Inertia, Friction, Circular Motion and Energy Conservation Building Set – Build six different working experimental projects. Practice skills by building an inertia test platform, sharpening wheel, rocket launcher, rubber band car and more.

white and green box with images of robotic models.

Smart Robot Arm Kit – Assemble your own remote control arm and car tank. Program the robot arm for a specific route or use the multifunctional remote control to move, pan, rotate, and pick up an item.

black motorized vehicle with mechanical arm.

VEX Robotics Trebuchet – Build a miniature slinging arm and learn about physics through experimenting with trajectories and velocities. Contains over 300 pieces needed for assembling the robotic trebuchet that can launch items over 20 feet.

red, black and yellow mechanical trebuchet model.

Ultimate Coding Kit for Kids 8-15 – Learn coding skills with more than 100 hand-on circuit projects. Perfect for those with little or no coding experience, but interest in learning by building real electronic circuits.

blue carrying case with black text that says 'Ultimate Coding Kit' and informational cards.

Other Science Gifts for Teens

 Black Light Illuminator and Nature’s Mysteries Journal – Use the black light to complete the science sleuthing activities included in the journal. 

Engineering for Teens – A beginner’s book for aspiring engineers.

blue book cover with black text saying 'Engineering for Teens'.

Science Beaker Christmas Ornament – A blown glass ornament that looks exactly like a science beaker.

Static Electricity Glass Globe –  The plasma balls is interactive either by touch or by sound.

electric light sphere on black base.

Science Duvet Cover – A bed duvet cover in a variety of sizes with chemistry, geometry and math images.

Lighted Magnifying Glass – Makes a great stocking stuffer for kids of all age groups.

white and black magnifying glass.

Set of 3 Science Canvas Wall Art – Science-themed wall art that is made in the USA and adds a fun touch to decor.

Go Cube – Learn how to solve Rubik’s cube, play with others on line and become a cube master with GoCube. It’s a smart connected cube and award-winning STEM product, including “Best TECH Gifts” by the WSJ 2020 and 2021, “Best STEM Toys” by CNET, “Parent’s Choice” award, and “Brain Child” Award.

Periodic Table Hand Towel – A towel with a colorful periodic table. Perfect for use in a bathroom, kitchen or lab room.

“Because Science” Graphic Art Canvas – Black and white graphic image spelling out “because science” with elements from the periodic table. Available in a variety of sizes.

Science Shower Curtain – White shower curtain with blue images of objects related to chemistry, geometry and math.

Colorful Periodic Table Duvet Cover – Make a big décor impact with this colorful duvet cover featuring the periodic table. Comes in a variety of sizes.

Colorful Periodic Table Shower Curtain – An easy way to learn the periodic table and then pay homage to chemistry with your décor.

Colorful Test Tube Graphic Wall Art – A retro graphic print that makes science cool as part of your room décor.

Expert Tips for Giving Science Kits for Teens

  • Look for gifts that align with your teen’s interests, not with your dreams.
  • Gifts that encourage experimenting and experiences are often the best choice. Kids learn best by doing and seeing how things work, and that will grab their interest.
  • Gifts that allow your teen to explore STEM concepts with other teens and friends is also a great choice.
  • A gift certificate that allows your teen to select a STEM kit takes the guesswork out of picking the right gift.

Looking for more gifts for teens?

Be sure to pin these science kits and gifts for teenagers so you can find them each birthday and Christmas in the future.

You can find all our best gift ideas and guides in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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