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Tie-Dyed Rice Heat Pack

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blue basket filled with cookies, candy, tampons, a candle and a purple and blue rice heat pack with 2 bottles of juice on white wood table

I have two teen daughters and was once a teen myself (believe it or not, my dear daughters!).  Once a month, every month, I have successfully and even happily survived one, two and three female cycles.  I’ve put together a teen period and PMS survival kit that includes a DIY tie-dyed rice heat pack and helps us make sure that every day is a better day in our home and family no matter what time of the month it is.

Teen Period & PMS Survival Kit – Tie-Dyed Rice Heat Pack

A big part of being a woman is learning what works for you each month to not only survive but thrive during that time of the month.  Having your cycle shouldn’t be something you dread each month, in fact it really is part of the miracle called our amazing female bodies.  I’ve worked to teach my daughters tips to negotiate their cycles so that they can appreciate the strength and marvel of their own bodies.

blue basket filled with cookies, candy, tampons, a candle and a purple and blue rice heat pack with 2 bottles of juice on white wood table

I have found that a rice heat pack is great way to soothe your body during your cycle.  I’ve made rice heat packs before, but wanted to make one that is a bit more fun with a tie-dyed cover to add to the cycle survival kit.

white fabric rolled up with rubber bands spaced an inch apart

I was doing some tie-dyeing with my kids and threw in a couple of extra pieces of cotton fabric I’d been holding onto (you know,  just in case… uh, I had extra dye left over someday and didn’t want to waste it).  You want to be sure to use cotton fabric since you’ll be putting it in the microwave to heat.  I folded the fabric accordion style and then placed the rubber bands at intervals down the length of the fabric.  I tie-dyed the fabric following directions on the tie-dye kit.  If you haven’t tie-dyed before, you may want to check out my 10 Tips from Our First Tie-Dyeing.

2 pieces of blue, purple and white tie dyed fabric on wood table

When the fabric from my just-in-case stash dried, I cut 2 rectangles about 6 inches by 7 1/2 inches, allowing for 1/4 inch seams. You’ll want to be sure to use cotton thread, again because you’ll be putting it in the microwave. 

Place the right sides of the fabric together (although, if you used plain white cotton to tie-dye, it really shouldn’t make a difference). I sewed around all sides of the rectangle, leaving a 1 1/2 inch opening so that I could turn the bag right-side out. Once the bag was turned right-side out, I sewed a seam  about 1/4 inch in from the edge, but still left the opening.  I sewed the second seam to reinforce the edges and to keep any wayward grains of rice from sneaking out of the heat pack. 

glass measuring cup of rice next to tie dyed rice heat pack with funnel made of paper in one end

I filled the heat packs with rice I already had in my pantry. I used a rolled up piece of paper to make a funnel and simply filled the heat pack comfortably full.  I needed enough wiggle room to be able to sew the opening closed, but other than that, it’s a personal preference how full you fill the pack. For more detailed sewing instructions and photos, check out the DIY Rice Heat Packs I made from recycled slacks.

2 DIY blue and purple tie dyed heat packs on white wood table

These DIY tie-dyed rice heat packs can be heated in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (depending on your microwave). Add a cup of water sitting next to the rice heat pack in the microwave to keep the rice and cotton from scorching.  They work wonderfully for the cramps and aches you may experience during your period (and the happy tie-dyed fabric is a mood pick-me-up).

Once I had the rice heat packs made, I popped over to Walgreen’s to pick up the other items I need for the cycle survival kit.  I found U by Kotex Curves® and U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners in the feminine hygiene aisle.

Items for a Teen Period & PMS Survival Kit


U by Kotex Curves® provides protection for lighter flow days with the CleanWear® cover that is soft and more comfortable. The pads are individually wrapped in 4 different bright, bold colors and 3 different designs, which a bit more fun for a teen cycle survival kit.

black box of panty liners stacked on black and white box of pads

U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners are a great choice for when you need  something for light days, backup support, or just want to feel fresh.  It’s designed to flex with your body and breathable, soft cover.


purple jar candle, green box of Midol and purple and blue DIY tied dyed heating pad

Soothing the physical and emotional symptoms of your period is just as important as taking care of the practical issues.  A tie-dyed rice heat pack or heat pad is a great way to soothe aches and cramps.  A product designed to soothe physical symptoms, especially one designed for teens, is a big help, too.  A relaxing aroma, like a lavender lotion, sachet or candle, can soothe some of the emotional symptoms of having your period.  As always, please be safe when lighting or burning a candle.


purple candy bar, blue box of cookies and bottles of pink juice and green juices

We try to focus on a health diet in my family.  My children get flavored drinks, cookies and candy on special occasions, not every day.  Sometimes you just deserve a treat as a pick-me-up. I try to include a special treat in the cycle survival kit.  I usually add one special treat to surprise my daughters and let them know I’m thinking of them. A flavored drink, chocolate cookies or chocolate candy is a great choice.

overhead view of blue basket filled with cookies, candy, tampons and a purple and blue rice heat pack

Taking  a few minutes to put together a cycle survival kit can really make an impact in turning that time of the month into a better time so that your daughter can focus on how amazing her body and cycle truly is.

blue basket filled with cookies, candy, tampons and a purple and blue rice heat pack with bottles of juice near by

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  1. I love your homemade rice heat packs! What a great idea. My daughter has several years to go before we venture into this territory, but what a good way to ease the uncomfortable days of the month for teenagers.

  2. This is a cute idea. Maybe if I surprise my daughter with this just ahead of her next PMS cycle, it will help defray some of that moodiness! The homemade rice packs are adorable in tie dye.

  3. This is wonderful! I’m very impressed with the completeness of the survival pack. It would be an awesome gift for a young woman who is first experiencing the challenges of her period!

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  5. What a great survival kit! Teens can have enough ups and downs without those that are caused by PMS! Love the Tie-Dyed Rice Heat Pack. I think I will make one of these to put at the end of my bed in the winter – I hate cold feet.

  6. Great idea, but skip the Midol. It has aspirin, which prolongs the flow.
    There are some natural remedies that may work.
    Ropibos (red bush)vtea may help. My gramma got ginger tea. There are others around.

    1. Ginger tea is a great idea. It’s always good to have alternatives. Thanks for sharing the ideas, Melissa.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I know it will surprise you to find out that I’m a big believer in being organized and prepared for everything. šŸ™‚

  7. I love those tie-dyed rice heat packs! How fun! We love to tie dye and this is a neat, different way to put it to good use. I don’t know any teen girls anymore, but my daughter will be 6 this year which means she’s just that much closer to getting her cycle. I was 11 when I got mine, so we could potentially be more than halfway to her getting hers too. EEK! #client

  8. Chocolate. Chocolate is definitely necessary in my house. Thanks for posting. Hello from Happy Home Life.

  9. I am a grand mother wo is trying to prepare my granddaughter for her first menstrual cycle. I first found out about a free pre teen kit that had all the necessary items and a pamphlet explaining what young girls should know before their cycle begins. Are these kits still available because I know of a few grandmothers who would like this information

    1. I’m not familiar with that kit, Rhonda, but it sounds like a wonderful idea. Your granddaughter is fortunate to have you!

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