Girl Scout Thin Mint Surprise Cookie

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I have a confession. I love Girl Scout Cookies, especially Girl Scout Thin Mints.  Surprise!  It’s Girl Scout cookie time in our part of the country, so I’ve got Girl Scout Thin Mints on the mind.  You may remember my Oreo Surprise cookies.  Here’s another delicious cookie-in-the-middle-of-another-cookie.  My family is big fans of my Girl Scout Thin Mint Surprise Cookies.

I was a Girl Scout and remember the adventure that is selling girl scout cookies.  Both of my daughters were Girl Scouts so I know the adventure that is helping your daughters sell Girl Scout cookies.  And I was even Cookie Mom 2 years in a row, so I know Girl Scout cookies.  And what I know is that Thin Mints are a piece of heaven on earth.  I figured that adding a cookie outside to a Thin Mint would only make them more heavenly, and it’s true.

3 cookies stacked on white plate with one cookie broken open in front so you can see dark chocolate interior with title text reading Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Surprise

 Make a batch of dough using the recipe from your family’s favorite chocolate chip cookie dough (minus the chocolate chips) or you can use my family’s favorite recipe.  Pat the dough around the Thin Mint cookie.  Use just enough dough to cover the cookie.

collage of 2 images - one a bowl of tan cookie dough, the other a clear sleeve of chocolate cookies

Place your cookies on cookie sheet and cook as per the temperature and length of time in your chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And voila!

3 cookies stacked on white plate with one cookie broken open in front with title text reading Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Surprise

You’ll have what looks to  be a simple, unassuming cookie until you bite into it and find the Girl Scout Thin Mint surprise!  Enjoy.  And be sure to buy lots of extra Thin Mints  is year. 


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  1. Ok, I am trying to eat less sweets and here you are sharing another cookie recipe that I just can’t live without! Well, I can, but I don’t think I will!

  2. Hi Susan – Remember the birds in Finding Nemo… “mineminemineminemine”… that would be me with this cookie. Chocolate perfection. Hugs, Holly

  3. These cookies look soooooooooooooo wonderful and they’re quite easy-to-make 🙂
    I think they’re calling my name !!

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