DIY Decorated Box Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Whenever I’m out shopping, I’m always on the look out for small gifts for the kids for upcoming holidays. At the after-school-started school supplies sales, I found these metal pencil boxes for only $.88 each.  I quickly grabbed 3 of them knowing I could turn them into a diy decorated box perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts for each of my children.  I could turn these too-young pencil boxes into personalized decorated organizational boxes that matches each child’s interests.

three decorated pencil boxes next to pens, pencils, tape and an eraser with title text reading Decorated Pencil Boxes

These pencil boxes are metal and well made.  They are just too young for my 11-year old son and teen-aged daughters.  But I knew when I saw the shape and quality of the boxes, I knew that I could very easily add some decorative paper and personalize a box to each of my children’s taste’s and interests.  Don’t ever let the design on a tin box deter you.  Paper and Mod Podge will quickly and easily turn an ugly duckling tin into the perfect one.

three character pencil boxes
supplies needed to decorate pencil boxes

I grabbed the paper-cutter, corner rounder (because the edges of these boxes are rounded), decorative paper, Mod Podge and a brush. 

pencil box with paper decorated lid and rubber bands holding it in place

I trimmed the paper to fit the box lid and cut  a long strip to cover the lip of the lid.  I carefully applied the Mod Podge only to the back of the paper to keep the matte look and feel of the paper (especially since the white and black paper is flocked).  Once the paper was mod podged down, I held it in place with rubber bands until it dried. 

Spiderman comic decorated pencil box with title text reading Easy Comic Book Pencil Box

Cutting the strip of paper for the lip of the lid and adhering it was a bit of a hassle.  Since the next box I was making involved comic books, I simply used red washi tape to cover the lip of the lid.  I scanned a favorite comic book cover and printed it out on cardstock.  Once it was cut to size, I simply added the comic box picture to the top of the lid with Mod Podge. 

2 decorated metal boxes with title text reading Easy Decorated Pencil Boxes

Each box took less than 30 minutes to make (and that includes drying time) and cost less than $1.  Even better than being quick and frugal , I was able to personalize each one of the boxes to each of my children’s tastes and interests.  It’s a simple way to show them that I care about their interests. 

3 open pencil boxes holding candy
3 o

Oh, and the candy I added for Valentine’s Day shows my love, too.  But you could easily add some small toys or other gifts if you want to avoid the candy. 

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  1. I love how much you can personalize each box to your own interest depending on what paper you choose. Also, as a person who is craft-challenged, I love that this is a project that is within my abilities.

  2. I love these! I can never seem to find great deals like this, but you seem to always find them and your mind can see something great in each find. I bet your kids really enjoy these.

  3. I love these
    I kinda of jealous though that you can find these deals
    I’d love to get a box like these.
    And after eating all the candies, I’d use it for my pencils and pens šŸ™‚

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