How to Make a Care Package for Valentine’s Day

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Red and pink care package items piled on table with title text reading How to Make a Care Package for Valentine's

It can be difficult if you’re separated from a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Letting your loved one know in a concrete way that they’re missed and loved means a lot to both the sender and the recipient. Whether it’s a care package for a college student or for military member, knowing how to make a care package for Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to send your love even thousands of miles away.

I’ve received care packages as both a college student and as a military member. I’ve also send care packages to both of my daughters in college and to family and friends deployed with the military. With all this care package experience, I’ve picked up useful tips that help when you start thinking about how to make a care package for your loved one. 

You can see the Valentine’s Care Packages for College Students I made last year for my daughters. 

How to Make a Care Package for Valentine’s Day

Start by thinking about what your loved one likes and misses from home. Consider:

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Favorite Sports
  • Favorite Activities
  • Items they may not be able to obtain in their location
  • Homemade Items, like baked goods
  • Send extra items for your loved one’s roommates, fellow troops or friends. It’s fun for your loved one to be able to share the care package with friends that become like family when you are far from home. 


Candy in red and pink wrappers

Of course, candy is a staple of many Valentine’s care packages. There is a large selection of Valentine’s candy available right after Christmas. You can also find candy that is not specifically Valentine’s candy, but are wrapped in red or pink that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day care package. 

Other Snacks

snack and candy wrapped in pink paper on white table

Choose the recipient’s favorite candy and snacks, even if it doesn’t come in pink or red packaging. Simply add heart doilies or wrap the items in pink or red decorative paper or red and white baker’s twine.

If you’re not a baker, these are truly delicious cookies that are a great option (and that I eat (almost) every day!).

Personal Care Items

Look for pink and red personal care items that would appeal to your recipient:

Pink and red personal care items on white table

Office Supplies 

It can be fun searching out pink and red office supplies:

Pink and red office supplies on white table

Fun Items

Be sure to include some fun items. Nothing helps raise spirits and relieve stress like a smile, a laugh or outside activities.

red and pink toys on white table
Red and pink care package items  on white table

Wrap gifts in fun gift bags or wrapping paper. Add cards, notes and letters – the more the better to fight the loneliness. Do the little things that will make the Valentine’s Day care package even more special.  Every little thing you do and add to the care package shows your loved one in a concrete way how much you love them and miss them. With these tips on how to make a care package for Valentine’s Day, you’re well on your way to making this holiday special for your loved one that is far from home.

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