Pink Care Package Ideas

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There are many occasions that are perfect for a pink care package. These tips will help you create the ideal care package for any budget and all interests.

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I’m known among my friends for sending care packages. I really enjoy sending college care packages (maybe because I remember how much I appreciated receiving them). I equally enjoy sending homemade care packages and selecting the perfect subscription box as a gift basket style box.

You can find my favorite tips and items to include in a homemade pink gift and also my favorite subscription boxes below.

Occasions for a Pink Care Package

  • Boyfriend Care Package
  • Girlfriend Care Package
  • Thinking of You Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Friendship Gift
  • Thinking of You Gift
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Pink Care Package

Start creating your pink care package by identifying the recipient’s interests.

  • What is the occasion and what items go with the theme?
    • For example, pink balloons and confetti would be added for a birthday gift.
  • What activities does the recipient enjoy?
    • Books, magazines, word search
    • Frisbee, hacky sack, jump rope
    • Make-up
  • What snacks are preferred?
  • What practical items would be appreciated?
    • Personal care
    • Boxed meals
    • Cleaning
    • Office or school supplies
    • Socks, gloves, hats, pajamas
    • Gift cards

Then decide whether you want to purchase a prepared gift box, like a subscription box, or put it together yourself.

Go shopping.

Decorate your DIY pink care package if you’d like.

  • Decorate the interior of the box
  • Decorate the exterior of the box
  • Use construction paper and decorative paper.
  • Print out and attach Creative College Care Package gift tags.
  • Use stickers.
  • Use markers.

Subscription Box Ideas

You can choose to send one box or ongoing subscription boxes for as long as you’d like.

  • Pink Sugar Box – includes top quality trendy carefully curated items for each season, such as fun fashion accessories, footwear and beauty products.
  • TheraBox – a self-care box filled with items mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy through self love.
  • HopeBox – a thoughtful care package service curated to reduce anxiety and inspire hope through high quality self care.
  • Bath Blessing Box – a premier spa gift box.
  • Succulent Gift Box – high-quality, curated selections of succulent plants, pots, media, and fun gardening goodies.

What you need to make a pink care package

Start with your shipping box. This gives you an idea of how many items will fit so you don’t overbuy or underbuy.

Decorate the box if you’d like. You can find 48 Creative care package signs and tags in my shop to help you.

Determine the theme. Think of what items the recipient will enjoy that goes with your theme. Make a list of items and then go shopping for pink versions of the items on your list.

Pink Care Package Hacks

  • If you just can’t find a pink version of an item you absolutely want to include, wrap it in pink tissue or craft paper.
  • Look through the snack, candy and personal care aisles of your grocery store or department store.
  • Check your local dollar store and the discount care section of your store.
  • Make the gift even more of a surprise by wrapping everything up in pink packages.
  • If the care package is for a mom, add children’s activity sets to keep the kids busy so mom can enjoy her own gifts.

These are the types of items I look for when making a general pink themed care package:

  1. Pink candy and gum
  2. Pink herbal tea and powdered drink mix
  3. Pink cookies and snacks
  4. Pink office or school supplies
  5. Pink personal care items
    1. Hair bands and bows
    2. Cotton head turbans or other head coverings, particularly for cancer care packages
  6. Fun items that are pink
    1. Toys
    2. Socks
    3. Stickers
    4. Cloth napkin or wash cloth – I have an easy DIY tutorial for flannel cloths
    5. Pink party supplies
    6. Pink party gift bag items, such as bouncy balls, small frisbees, etc.
  7. Gift cards – you can wrap them as small pink packages using this gift card sleeve tutorial and pink paper.
collage of 6 images of pink items contained in the care package

Include educational books, fun fictional reads or magazines.

Include craft kits inline with the recipient’s interests.

Always add a personal message to let the recipient know you’re thinking of them.

What makes a pink care package great?

  • It is appropriate for a variety of different occasions.
  • It’s easy to tailor to different interests and needs.
  • You can create it for a range of budgets.
  • It’s fun to go shopping for and to give.
  • It’s easy to create with a quick trip to your local store.

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Other care package related ideas you might have missed

Be sure to pin these pink care package ideas so you can easily find them again in the future when you’re ready to make a care package.

You can find all our best care package ideas in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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