Easy Valentine’s Bag

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a white bag with a pink heart and fabric flowers on it next to candy on a white wood table with title text reading Easy Valentine's Purse

I find celebrating Valentine’s Day by recognizing friends a sweet way (yes, pun intended) to show my friends affection and appreciation. I think sending small Valentine’s gifts, like the Valentine’s cards we exchanged as children, a charming tradition to celebrate the holiday.

This easy Valentine’s bag is an adorable way to share Valentine’s affection with a friend. Of course, a young child would also be thrilled with this Valentine’s Day gift.

This sweet little Valentine’s purse is a great beginner’s sewing project that only took about 20 minutes total to make. 

a white bag with a pink heart and fabric flowers on it

I just love the texture and detail of that heart embellishment! It’s so pretty.

Easy Valentine’s Bag

a pink shirt with a pink heart and fabric flowers on it next to a white cloth on a white wood table

The idea for this Valentine’s purse all started when I found this t-shirt with an elaborate heart embellishment on a trip to the thrift store. It would take me days and days to create a similar embellishment myself. Since it was winter and I knew there wouldn’t be any demand for a short-sleeve t-shirt (check out my tips on How to Go Thrift Store Shopping and Not Feel Guilty), I just had to get the shirt and find something to do with that gorgeous heart embellishment. 

A friend of mine was having abdominal surgery and I wanted to give her a pre-surgery Valentine’s Day gift. I decided to use the heart to decorate a felt gift bag. I filled the gift bag with post-surgery gift items. How did I know what she’d need? Unfortunately, I learned a lot of Practical Tips for Recovering from an Appendectomy last year.

a pink heart and fabric flowers on it on a white wood table

I cut out the heart with about a 3/4 inch border of t-shirt fabric. Since I was going for a handcrafted look, I just eyeballed cutting the border.

I cut a rectangle out of white felt. Again, I eyeballed the dimensions of the rectangle. I made the purse slightly larger than the heart. The rectangle was double that width and I added 1/4 of an inch on the side and bottom for seams. 

I pinned the heart to the felt before I sewed the felt bag. I turned the unfinished edge of the t-shirt material under and sewed it to the bag by hand.

Once the heart was attached, I just sewed a simple seam 1/4 ” from the edge to form the bag. 

a pink heart and fabric flowers on it with sewing pins in it on a piece of white felt

It was a quick sewing project that only took about 20 minutes total. An easy Valentine’s Bag in less than a half an hour. 

a white bag with a pink heart and fabric flowers on it

I know this will surprise you, but I just eyeballed the handles. They’re approximately 1 inch wide and when sewed on are about 1/3 the height of the bag. I handsewed the handles onto the inside edge of the bag. 

Fill this Valentine’s Day gift bag with candy, fruit, a book, craft supplies, movie tickets, or whatever catches your fancy. 

These Valentine’s Day Coupons for Kids from Andrea at Homemade for Elle and these Adorable Free Printable Valentines from Corinne at Wondermom Wannabe would make great additions. 

Make a spectacular and easy Valentine’s bag for your favorite Valentine.  I was so charmed by this sweet Valentine’s purse that I almost didn’t give it to my friend. 

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  1. This bag is so cute! When you said it didn’t take long to make it, I was really wondering. I would imagine all of those little flowers would take a long time! You were lucky to find this at the thrift store. So cute and I know your friend will appreciate it.

    1. There is no way I could find the time to sew all those tiny flowers, Cynthia. But you know me and repurposing items so that it makes my big ideas much simpler. 🙂

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