Vintage Valentines Gift Bags

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 3 Brown paper sacks with retro valentines images with title text reading Retro Valentine's Bag for Valentine's Cards or a Gift Bag

While progress and technology are useful and necessary, sometimes the nostalgic traditions just can’t be beat by newfangled practices. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’m definitely on team vintage Valentine’s. A big part of the nostalgic Valentine’s memories, is the handmade Valentine’s box or bag. The great thing about this simple craft is that you can create either a bag to collect Valentine’s cards or a vintage Valentine’s gift bag. Either way, is a fun craft to do with kids and a great way to stir up those happy nostalgic feelings.

You can make this vintage Valentine’s craft in 5-20 minutes, depending on your skill and how elaborately you embellish the bag. The great thing about this project is that you can make it as simple or fancy as you’d like. The only limit is your imagination. 

Vintage Valentines Bags

Affiliate links are provided for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. 

Vintage Valentines Bag Supplies

Supplies to make valentines bag

Choose the vintage Valentines images you want to use. I like using images with a heart that allows me to cut the top of the paper bag in the shape of the heart.

  • Download the image
  • Insert the image into a Word document. Adjust the size to fit your brown paper bag.
  • Print the images onto white cardstock paper. 
Red heart clipped to brown paper sack with scissors

If you’re going to cut the top of the paper bag to match your image, attach the printed image to the bag using paperclips. Cut the top of the bag following the image as a guide.

4 images of brown bags with vintage valentines

Trim the image to fit the front of the paper bag. Use the glue stick generously on the back of the image so that it will adhere well to the paper bag.

Embellish the vintage Valentines and the paper bag, if you’d like. You can use:

  • Ribbon
  • Sequins
  • Stickers
  • Smaller sizes of your larger image
  • Pompoms
Brown paper sack with retro valentines

I filled these Vintage Valentines gift bags with candy and treats for family and friends. They share that nostalgic vibe and stir many happy childhood memories

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    1. Have being creative, Lori. I love the nostalgia of this Valentine’s gift bag. I hope the grandkids appreciate the charm, too.

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