Heroic Habits Dental Care Package

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Dental hygiene and health is a big deal in our family.  Out of the 5 of us in our family, 5 of us have had braces.   Four of us have had teeth removed, 2 of us having teeth other than our wisdom teeth removed.  I don’t even want to think about how much total that cost! Four out of the 5 of us spent at least 3 years of our childhood in areas that did not have fluoride in the water.  We have too much money invested in our teeth and too many risk factors not to do our very best at taking care of our teeth.  Since my oldest “baby” is away at her first year of college with no mama checking up on her dental hygiene habits, I am doing the next best thing.  I’m sending her a heroic habits dental care package.Heroic Habits Dental Care Package - Organized 31 #sponsored #MC
 I’m sure I’m not the only parent worried about their children’s dental hygiene habits.  From a very young age, we’ve taught our children to floss and brush twice a day. We’ve taught them correct flossing and  brushing techniques.  My children do a pretty good of taking care of their teeth, with very few cavities between the 3 of them as evidence.   I worry about lots of things now that my oldest “baby” is off on her own at college.  Is she eating right?  Is she getting enough sleep?  Is she exercising?  Is she washing her sheets and towels often enough?  Is her roommate nice?  Are her professors fair? Aieeee!   Any other mamas stressing out with me?  I’m going to let her know that she can learn more about Healthy Habit Heroes by watching this video hosted by Ian Zering (My daughters and I are big 90210 fans.  Anyone else?) and hope that she continues to be a healthy habit hero just like her mama taught her.

Heroic Habits Dental Care Package

I’ve already sent my “baby” several care packages and now it’s time for a mama-worries-about-you care package.  My first focus with this care package was sending her some additional dental care products that she may not spring for on her student budget. I started with LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN® Floss. It’s perfect for her because it’s shred-resistant (thanks to braces, we all prefer shred-resistant floss) and the MICRO-GROOVES® remove 2 times more plague than other floss (which makes this mama worry a bit less).   I also added LISTERINE POCKETPACKS, which freshen breath and kill 99% of the germs that cause bad breath.  Plus, they’re easy to throw into a purse or backpack for a busy student.Heroic Habits Dental Care Package - Organized 31 #sponsored #MC

Then I wanted to add a couple of fun items, so next came LISTERINE SMART RINSE, which can reduce cavities and tooth decay.  Since we’re big superhero fans in the Organized 31 family, I knew my daughter would be amused by the Marvel Avengers fluoride rinse (and this mama would sneakily encourage her to use it by amusing her).  I also had to add a couple of my DIY Superhero Repurposed Blocks just for fun.Heroic Habits Dental Care Package - Organized 31 #sponsored #MC

And last, but not least, I added a couple of mom-made floral items because she’s my oldest “baby girl.”  Heroic Habits Dental Care Package - Organized 31 #sponsored #MC

I hope to be able to deliver this care package in person next week. Taking care of my baby’s dental hygiene is almost as important as giving her a big hug in person! You can purchase your own LISTERINE products from these retailers to make your own heroic habits dental care package.Heroic Habits Dental Care Package - Organized 31 #sponsored #MC


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  1. Hi Susan – What a great care package and I was a big 90210 fan as well! Oldest is going to love getting this! Hugs, Holly

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