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a collage of 3 pictures showing different ways to decorate a wooden box with title text reading Make Organizing Match Your Style

Just 4 short days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to share some organizing ideas at the Baltimore IKEA.  I’m still riding the excitement of the day.  Being at IKEA is heavenly, but sharing organizing ideas at IKEA is beyond heavenly!  I chose to demo ways you can make organizing match your style.  When organizing is fun and attractive you’re more likely to want to use it.  Since IKEA is full of beautiful useful organizing products, it’s easy to find gorgeous products to make organizing match your style.


IKEA FORHOJA box, set of 4                             

Permanent Markers                             


Washi tape

Removable labeling tape                                      

Comic book page                                   


Mod Podge


Foam Brush

The FORHOJA box set comes with 4 pieces made from birch.  I think they’re absolutely beautiful in their simplicity.  But my goal here was to organize my children (and myself) a bit more.  And I’ve found that my children are more likely to put things away if the container is fun or cool in their eyes.  So, in just a few minutes, I was able to transform these simple boxes to match 2 of  my children’s personalities a bit more.

pens in a decorated wooden box

My daughter,S. likes the doodle art look.  I chose to add a couple of her favorite quotes to the front of this box and her Hawaiian name to one side.  I made a quick plan on a scrap of paper for the doodles and then penciled them in on the box.  Once I had the large quotes and words penciled in, I simply went over them with a permanent marker and then filled in the blank spaces with doodles.  By S.’s big smile, I knew she was pleased with the result.

a wooden box with a green label on the bottom of it

Next up was decorating the other box to go with my soon-to-be craft room.  I am planning for a simple clean look for my craft room.  I simply ran a line of Post-It Label tape around the bottom of the box.  I think it turned out great and it received several compliments during the demo at IKEA.

Next up was to decorate the large box for my son to keep some of those treasures that are all over his desk and book-case.  You may remember his comic book clementine crate.   I thought we’d stick with the theme, but because the box is so nice I didn’t want to make any permanent changes to it (truth be told, I’m hoping to steal this box for myself at some point in the future).  I cut a piece of cardboard from a cereal box the size of the inside of the lid.  I used Mod Podge to adhere the comic book page to the cardboard.  When it was dry, I simply popped the piece of cardboard into the top of the lid. 

a wooden box lid with a comic page on it

a wooden box with a comic book page on the lid

I added washi tape to the edge of the lid for a bit more of a pop.  The result is a cool organizing box that can be changed in the future (when I talk my son into giving the box to me).

2 decorated wooden boxes, one with pens in it, with title text reading Make Organizing Match Your Style

All 3 of these projects were quick and easy to do.   It can be such an incentive to get and stay organized when you take those few minutes to make your organizing match your style.  Stop back next week to see how I personalized another IKEA product for my daughter SJ’s organizing. 

In addition to being thrilled to be at the Baltimore IKEA last Saturday, I was thrilled to be able to hang out with and learn from 3 other local bloggers: Amy Renea from A Nest for All Seasons, Amy Latta from One Artsy Mama and Jeanie from Create & Babble.  You can meet each of them here in this video that Amy Renea put together (thank you, Amy!).


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  1. I wish you had been at the Woodbridge IKEA because I would have loved to see the demo in person! I love the personalized boxes. I’m thinking of outfitting my entire office in Wonder Woman decor. I wish I was as artistic as you are because I love the Sharpie decorations, but I’m afraid my end product wouldn’t be as cute.

    1. Corinne, you are too sweet. I can’t stand my handwriting, but it is mine so I use it on doodling projects. Give doodling your own a try, I think you’ll be happy with the result.

  2. Hi Susan – I’m soooo proud of you for being selected to do this demo at Ikea – what a fun opportunity! It was neat to still hear the excitement in your voice talking to you the other day. I love that you have so much passion! Hugs, Holly

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