Decorated Ladies Winter Gloves

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I like to make small, uncomplicated crafts. I also enjoy showing my affection through giving small gifts to family and friends. I’m doubly happy when I can make a small gift to give to a loved one. These decorated ladies winter gloves are the perfect gift for your gift giving list. You can make them in minutes and for less than $4.00 each, but best of all, you can easily personalize these decorated gloves to match different fashion tastes and interests. 

2 pairs of black knit gloves with bead embellishment at wrists on white wood table with title text overlay reading Decorated Ladies Winter Gloves

I made these beaded gloves for my two teen daughters to reflect their individual interests and fashion styles. I made both sets of gloves in less than 10 minutes. They are even more adorable in person and earned lots of oohs and ahhs. 

Decorated Ladies Winter Gloves

Supplies (may contain affiliate links) 

Ladies Winter Gloves – I used knit gloves from the craft store. I got them on sale for $.50 each.

Decorative Beads – I found them at the craft store on sale. I had enough beads left over to decorate two to three more gloves. 

2 new pairs of black knit gloves with scattered beads on white wood table

Needle and Coordinating Thread

2 pairs of black gloves with bead decorations on the wrists

I doubled my thread for additional strength and then simply stitched from inside the glove to the outside edge, added a bead and then stiched back into the glove. Just be sure to anchor your knots at the beginning and end of your stitching so it doesn’t pull out of the knit fabric. It’s easier if you lay your bead pattern out on one glove so you can plan your spacing before you start stitching (ask me how I figured this out). 

overhead view of black knit gloves with different size beads on wrists

One of my daughters likes the classic pink, black and white color combination. These black and white beads with the smaller pink ones look adorable with her classic black and white checked winter coat. 

close up of pineapple beads on wrist of pair of black knit gloves on white table

My other daughter has a more quirky fashion style and has a couple of signature pineapple shirts (she danced hula for six years), so I had to have these pineapple beads for her gloves. 

I will be making more of these decorated ladies winter gloves to give as Christmas gifts this year. With all the different style beads to choose from, the creative options are endless.

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  1. I am not crafty by nature but your ideas are so cute and come with concise instructions that even I can follow!

  2. This is such a cute way to upgrade dollar gloves! I think my daughter would absolutely love to pick out some of the decorations herself. We’re planning crafts for the winter school break, so I’ll be adding these to our list 🙂

    1. Oh, you both will have a blast at the craft store picking out beads and charms. You may have to make 2 or 3 pairs! 🙂 Have fun crafting with your daughter, Andrea.

  3. I love making things too, Susan. I found a cute little mini Santa craft on another blogger’s sight and I spent yesterday afternoon tucked under my heated throw making gifts. It felt so indulgent, but that is what Sundays are for:) Hope everyone likes them!

    1. Wait, heated throw, Seana?!! I need one of those blankets. I love receiving handmade gifts even more than I love making them. What a happy day to be warm *and* crafting on a Sunday afternoon.

  4. That’s such a beautiful idea Susan. Even the kids would love these and they won’t be stealing each others glove either 😉

    1. Thanks, Michelle. And you’ve got me chuckling. I hadn’t thought about the girls “borrowing” each others gloves, but you’re right. Now it’s obvious when they do. 🙂

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