Red College Care Package Idea

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Originally published August 22, 2016. Updated April 6, 2020.

Today’s feature is a red college care package idea for students with red college colors and for Valentines’ Day. Whatever the occasion, I enjoy sending a care package as a way to show my affection in a concrete way by personalizing the care package for the recipient. 

box filled with red themed gift items

I’m not sure how it happened, but I now have two “babies” in college. Wasn’t it just last year that they were playing dress up and wearing their hair in pigtails? If you’ve spent more than a couple of minutes here at Organized 31, you know that I love to send care packages to my babies and my friends’ children in college. Over the years, I’ve sent college care packages with all kinds of themes.

Making a themed red college care package idea is surprisingly easy. I already had this red fabric so I used it to line the box. You could use a red tablecloth from the dollar store, a red fabric gift bag, red construction paper or red tissue paper. But if you’re going to make a color themed care package, you have to go all out. 

Head to your local big box store, grocery store or drug store and walk up and down every aisle. You’ll be happily surprised at how many red items you can find for your care package.

Red College Care Package Ideas

Occasions to Send a Red College Care Package

  • First care package of the year for student at school with red as one of the school colors
  • To celebrate the first football game
  • To celebrate the homecoming game
  • To celebrate the big basketball game
  • For Christmas
  • For Valentine’s Day

Red Care Package Items

My favorite baked goods to send in a college care package:

If you’re not a baker, these are truly delicious cookies that are a great option (and that I eat (almost) every day!).

Be sure to add a card or a nice long letter. Even in this day and age, there’s something special about receiving a hand-written note in a reassuringly familiar handwriting.

It’s especially nice to collect notes from other family members, friends and neighbors. The more notes, the better to let your student know how much she’s loved and missed.

collage of 4 images of red items for a care package

Pack all the red themed treats you found in your red decorated box. Add a personal note and pop your care package in the mail. You can go all out on the red theme and address the box with a red label or red ink.  

close up of care package filled with red candy and treats

If you’re creating a Valentine’s-themed care package check out these two ideas:

More College Care Package Ideas

Check out these more than 25 college care package ideas for every holiday, season and occasion.

collage of four college care packages

Did I forget to add anything to my Red College Care Package idea? I’m so excited to send this care package off to my baby. I’ll be creating more color-themed college care packages soon now that have two babies to shower with love via college care package ideas.

top image of package win brown paper with a white twine bow and bottom image of inside of care package with red colored items

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  1. This is such a great idea. I think there are so many goodies you could find to put in the care package that are your students school colors. Everyone love a fun and thoughtful care package.

    1. I think color-themed care packages are so much fun to put together. I’m excited to work on new color-themed care packages this year since my second “baby” just started college.

  2. This is so fun! I am sure your daughter and friend’s children really appreciate your thoughtfulness! My mom sent me a few care packages when I was in college, and I was always delighted.

    My kids are still a ways off of going to college, but I will definitely be doing this when that time comes!

  3. I love the idea of sending a color theme! That’s one I haven’t tried yet. One of my son’s school colors is orange so I bet I can find a lot of things now since Halloween stuff is already coming out.

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