Purposeful (not Random) Acts of Kindness Challenge

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Can you believe that the new year is almost here? This is the time of year that we review our accomplishments and goals from the past year and determine new goals for the new year. I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. My core goals remain the same from year to year. However, this year I am being more purposeful about setting specific goals, based on my core goals, for the new year. I’ve always made helping in my community one of my core goals since I was on my own as an adult. If you’ve been hanging around Organized 31 for very long, you know that it’s a value that I’ve worked to pass along to my children. Part of my goal setting this year it to set challenges for myself. I thought that it would be fun to ask you to join me in the Purposeful (not random) Acts of Kindness Challenge for 2017. Just imagine the positive impact we can all make together.

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You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I shared my discomfort with the idea of “random” acts of kindness. I think it’s important to plan purposeful acts of kindness and charitable acts so that they have the positive impact that you want (and that will be most helpful). Now don’t get me wrong, any act of kindness is welcome and much needed. But I feel it’s important to be purposeful, and teach my children to be purposeful, in the ways that we contribute to my community. Purposeful acts of kindness can be big or small acts. The difference is that you’ve chosen them because you know that they will actually be helpful. 

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Use this free Purposeful Acts of Kindness printable to purposefully plan your acts of kindness and keep track of both your purposeful and random acts of kindness. This will help you be even more purposeful in your acts of kindness.

I’ve shared many of my charitable giving ideas with you over the years. I’ve worked with non-profit organizations ranging from a shelter for street kids to teaching parenting skills to manning a crisis hotline to working in a food bank. I’m deeply interested in learning how I can be of the most help in my community and make the biggest positive impact that I can with my limited money and time. As a military family that moves every 1 to 3 years, I know first-hand that the needs vary greatly from community to community. Determine what is most needed in your community. Purposeful acts of kindness are not one-size-fits all. But we can all share ideas that have worked for us and adapt them for our specific communities. 

Some of charitable acts I’ve found successful over the years in different communities are:

This year I’ve challenged myself to make hats and scarves for the homeless in my community. I’ve committed to making one a week for a total of 52 items. I am also going to look for someone to thank each week in my community. 

I’ve created donation gift ideas for each month of the year that might be helpful in brainstorming your purposeful acts of kindness ideas. 

I hope you’ll join me in committing to the purposeful acts of kindness challenge 2017. I believe in the power of people. I love to imagine what an amazing positive impact we can make together. I’d like for us to encourage each other this year. Please use the #PurposefulActsofKindness hashtag and share your acts of kindness on social media. Imagine if each of us can encourage one other person to join the challenge through sharing on social media. We could impact even more people together. Throughout the year I’ll share purposeful acts of kindness ideas and would love to hear your ideas. Let’s make this a purposefully positive 2017 for all of our communities. 

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  1. What a wonderful challenge! I agree that often, we need to be intentional if we really want to get anything done. Some things we plan in advance, like your scarf project. But even for those who can’t find time to do something “big,” isn’t it a good idea to be aware every day of making sure you do at least one kind thing.. and maybe write it down? Terrific!

    1. I love the idea of writing down any and all acts of kindness, Seana. Give me a just a minute and I’ll create a printable to help with that. šŸ™‚

  2. I really love the idea of purposeful acts of kindness. I will be following along with interested and making sure that I practice more acts of kindness.

    1. So glad that you’re joining me in making a positive impact, Cynthia. There’s great power in kindness and numbers.

  3. How neat that you’re going to make one thing a week to give away! One of my favorite things to do is donate food. I’ll have to make sure and do it on a more regular basis this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

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