DIY Dominoes

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I purchased a gold mine of crafting inspiration last week when I found a mixed bag of Jenga blocks at my local thrift store for $1.25. There’s something about repurposing those blocks that has become addictive.  Today I’ll show you an easy kids’ craft making your own diy dominoes that would also make a great teacher gift.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

 My crafting buddy, J., and I got together for a session of crafting and chatting (or was it chatting and crafting?).  After we made a recycled back to school craft with the blocks, I wanted to paint more.  J. came up with the idea that the blocks would make perfect dominoes.  The great thing about painting the Jenga blocks as dominoes is that now you have 2 games in one.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

We painted one side of the blocks with black craft paint.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

After the paint dried (about 20 minutes), we used a paint pin to make the face of the dominoes.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

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The easiest way to make the correct faces on the dominoes is to lay them out in a pyramid and follow these directions.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

In about 45 minutes you have created a set of dominoes perfect for playing a game with….DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

…or making the ever popular dominoes show.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

Everyone I know may be receiving painted diy dominoes this year.  It’s a fun kids (or just moms) craft that would also make a great teacher gift or gift for anyone.DIY Dominoes - Organized 31

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  1. Hi Susan – How absolutely clever! Is it just me or do you want to give that one on the end a little push and see them all fall down? Hugs, Holly

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