Best Father’s Day Gifts for Grandad

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Originally published April 7, 2021. Updated April 23, 3023.

Looking to find the best Father’s Day Gifts for Grandad? This list of 65+ gift ideas for all budgets is guaranteed to have the perfect gift that your grandfather will love. And these gift ideas work for birthdays, Christmas and any occasion.

grandfather sitting with child on bench at the beach

It’s a wonderful tradition to remember your grandfather on Father’s Day. Yes, there’s a grandparents day in September, but you can remember him on both days. Whether you send a card, take him out for a meal or send him a gift, the important thing is to let your grandpa know that you’re thinking of him and that he’s important to you.

Grandfathers are notorious for not expressing their need to hear “I love you” and “I appreciate you” but they treasure hearing those sentiments as much as anyone else.

These Father’s Day gift ideas for grandfathers can be given by one grandchild or by multiple ones. Grandpa will enjoy knowing that you thought of him.

And many of these unique gift ideas are perfect for the dads on your list in addition to the grandfathers.

Do you celebrate grandfathers on Father’s Day?

Every family has different traditions, but it is certainly appropriate to celebrate your grandfather on Father’s Day. There are many reasons to remember your grandfather on Father’s Day:

  • Your grandfather helped raise you, filling a father role in your life.
  • You have a close relationship with your grandfather.
  • You wish you had a closer relationship with your grandfather and this is one step towards building it.
  • Your grandfather has had a rough past year and could use a thoughtful card or gift.
  • Your grandfather is socially isolated due to health or other reasons.
  • It doesn’t take much effort to pick up a card, write a note and mail it and it will mean a whole lot to your grandfather.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a Father’s Day gift for your grandad. This really is a case of the sentiment behind the gift means the most.

But because everyone’s relationship with their grandfather is different and every grandpa has different interests, I’ve collected a wide range of gift ideas for a wide range of budgets so you can find the best gift for your special grandfather.

2 cards that look like blue shirts with ties

Never underestimate the joy that a card and handwritten letter brings your grandad. You can even make this cute easy-to-make quick Father’s Day card for your grandfather.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandad

Gifts of Time Together

You’ve heard it before, but your grandfather will cherish time spent together with you. Really. It’s the ideal gift for grandpa.

Older man with beard, writing in notebook, with laptop, coffee and watch nearby
  • Take grandad to breakfast. This works well if he still gets up early, like many grandfathers seem to.
  • Take your grandfather out to eat lunch. Pick him up and drop him back off after so he has extra time to hang out with you.
  • If your grandfather has difficulty getting out, make a meal for him or pick one up and spend time with him before and after the meal.
  • If your grandfather grew up or worked nearby, take him for a drive and ask him to show you around his neighborhood and share stories and memories with you.
  • Watch an “old movie” with your grandfather that is one of his favorites. Have him share his memories about when he saw the movie, the actors and pop culture of the time.
collage of navy and green pages of My Legacy workbook
  • Spend time recording your grandpop’s life and stories. You can use the My Legacy, My Story workbook to guide your grandfather in recording his life story. While this is an activity he can do alone, it will be more meaningful if you spend time with him talking about and recording his memories.

Experience Gifts

While it may seem selfish to include yourself in your a gift for your pop-pop, he will truly enjoy sharing the experience with you if you can.

  • Personal Chef To Go – Fully prepared, ready-to-eat meals and entrée salads hand crafted by trained chefs, weekly, in a commercial kitchen facility. Meals contain locally sourced vegetables, hand-trimmed FDA approved meats and whole grains.
  • Legacy Box – Have all your family memories preserved and digitized so that your grandpa can enjoy them now. Legacy Box can transfer from any format and does all the work for you.
darkened movie theater
  • If your grandad enjoys seeing movies, tickets from Fandango can be used at theaters across the country. It’s a convenient way to share going to the movie with your grandpop wherever he lives. Guarantee the Perfect Movie Night with Fandango
  • A gym membership or time with a personal trainer that knows how to work with seniors is a great way to get granddad both an experience and social gift.

Nostalgic Gifts

Look for gifts that will bring back your grandfather’s happy memories. Consider nostalgic themes such as:

  • Sports
  • Military Service
  • Travel
  • Work or Career
  • Pop Culture
  • Hometown

Thanks to Ebay and Amazon you can also find copies of magazines from important dates in your grandad’s life. You can collect magazines and newspapers commemorating important dates such as:

  • Birthdays every year or decade
  • Military service dates
  • Important historic dates
  • Important school dates
  • Wedding dates and births of children

Finding magazines and newspapers commemorating your grandpa’s life is a wonderful way to bring the past back to life. It’s also a great way to stimulate conversations with your grandpop about his life and his memories of different periods and historic events.

Etsy has unique and handmade gifts that are perfect for grandpa and any dads. I love all the handmade fun, vintage ideas from Cheltenham Road.

If your grandfather lived through the 50’s look for movies, books, and music from that era that he enjoys.

yellow and black cover of 1950's crossword puzzle book.
playing cards with 1950's movie images and questions
book cover with 1950's images and text "1950 Remember When..."
stack of candy with 1950's images and text saying 1950's candy mix

If the 60’s was your grandad’s favorite decade you can look for recordings of TV series, movies and documentaries that will bring that time back to life.

nostalgic newspaper look with title "Back in 1963"
deck of playing cards with 1960's images and questions
yellow cover of 1969's crossword book.
1960's images with stack of candy and text "1960's nostalgic candy"

There are many gift ideas that will make your grandfather smile if the 70’s was his decade. Recordings of favorite TV shows, comedians, movies and history documentaries.

purple cover of 1960's lyrics trivia book.
green cover of 1970 themed crossword book.
colorful background with stack of candy with title "1970's nostalgic candy mix"
grey t-shirt with graphics of video tape, cassette tape and computer disk.

For the grandpa’s who count the 80’s as their time, there are many products based on movies and music from that time.

white coffee mug with "Top Grandpa" in red and blue
box with 1980's images and text "1980's nostalgic candy mix"
cover of puzzle box with text "The 1980's"
colorful computer disk drink coasters

Subscription Boxes

You can purchase one month or more of subscription boxes. The wonderful thing about a subscription box is that it is filled with carefully curated items chosen based on a theme.

  • Grill Masters Club – Each box is filled with four full-sized products of the best grilling and BBQ goods curated by a certified, award-winning Pitmaster.
  • Golf Subscription Box – On Par Golf Balls – Choose the box that best meets your needs, whether you’re an amateur or pro golfer. Each box contains golf balls that may have been hit once or twice on the golf course and retain the look of new golf balls. No scuffs! No refinished balls! Balls may contain corporate logos/player markings (starpie).
  • America’s Crate – A monthly gift box filled only with hand-curated items that are Made in the USA. Enjoy American craftsmanship and discover American businesses and what they have to offer.
  • My Thrill Book Club – A monthly box with the best in crime, mystery, thriller, espionage, and horror. Grandpa can choose his favorite genre and receive two new hardcover books from favorite authors and new up and coming authors.
  • Your Morning Grind – Each box arrives within 2-3 days of roasting with 4 different coffees from different regions and roasters, plus a gourmet snack.
  • Hot Sauce of the Month Club– A monthly box filled with the best artisan hot sauces delivered monthly, with your choice of heat level. You choose 1, 2 or 3 bottles for each box.

Activity Gifts

Activities to keep granddad busy, mental and physically are always a great gift idea. Of course, choose gifts that match his interests and abilities.

Activity books that keep grandpop engaged and mentally active.

blue and yellow Jumbo word search book cover
red, white and blue cover of word search puzzles
black and yellow cover of large print sudoku book
purple and yellow book cover of word scramble book

Tools that help your grandfather exercise and stay active.

silver and black chair foot bike pedal machine
black chair bike machine
blue and white dvd set
yellow and green exercise bands with book with older woman on cover

Grandad Themed Gifts

Choose a mug that your grandfather will use all the time and be reminded of your love.

black and silver travel coffee mug with text "best grandpa ever"
green coffee mug with text "I'm a grandpa what's your superpower?"

A personalized gift with a photo or your grandfather’s name shows him exactly how much you care.

black picture frame with text "Grandpa" and photo of young child and grandfather
nice black pen set with text "grandpa"

Grandpapa’s heart will be touched day after day when he sees a gift that he carrys with him like a watch or stirs his coffee with every morning.

dark pocket watch with message to grandpa
silver spoon with text "good morning Grandpa" on the spoon

Select a gift that expresses your grandad’s personality, interests or sense of humor. Those world’s best grandpa gifts are always a special gift.

grey book with title "What I love about Grandpa"
blue shirt with superman logo and text "grandpa"
black t-shirt with the Godfather movie logo and text "The Grandfather"
glass with "Grandpa est. 2021" etched on it

Even if you called your grandfather by a less common variation on the name, you can find gifts for him. If you really can’t then look at gifts that you can have personalized with the grandfather name you use.

black and silver travel coffee mug with text "PopPop the man, the myth, the legend"
wall sign that says "Grandpa's workshop open 24/7 toys fixed free"
beach towel that looks like piece of notebook paper and written message to "Dear My Grandpa"
silver picture frame with text "Me + My Grandpa" and photo of grandfather holding young child

Funny Gifts

If you’ve got the grandpop who likes to tease and joke all the time, he’ll enjoy a funny gift for Father’s Day. You know, those joking grandpas love when someone else shares their sense of humor.

white coffee mug with image that looks like nutritional information logo and Grandpa at the top
grey t-shirt with black text saying "My favorite people call me grandpa"
bottom of black and white socks that say "please do not disturb Poppy is resting his eyes"
white coffee mug with black text saying "My favorite granddaughter gave me this mug"
wine glass with "I'm the fun Grandpa" etched on it
white coffee mug with black logo of man with beard and black sunglasses and text "bearded grampy"

DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Grandad

Rice Heat Packs – These heat pads are great for aches and pains and also for keeping feet warm in the winter. It’s an easy beginning sewing project. I’ve shared two tutorials. One uses bandanas and the other uses upcycled clothing, but you could certainly use purchased fabric.

2 rice heat packs on pink blanket

Monogrammed coffee mug. This Easy Sharpie Dot Mug tutorial is for beginning crafters. It’s almost embarrassingly easy, but looks so impressive no one will ever know.

3 white and red monogrammed coffee mugs on white wood table

If you have beginner level crochet skills, you can make this Easy Houndstooth Crochet Scarf. You can make it in your grandad’s favorite colors and he’ll remember you every time he wears it.

4 folded houndstooth scarves on white table

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandad that Will Also Work for Him

Be sure to pin for later when you need more Father’s Day gift ideas for Grandad.

Find all our best gift ideas for everyone on your list in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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