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Got CDs? We’ve got more than 85 CD storage ideas for music lovers. Ideas include options for all sizes of music collections. Many of the storage ideas also work for other media.

black bin with music CDs and cords with title text reading 85+ CD Storage Ideas.

What is the best way to store CDs?

The top 8 ways to preserve and store your CDs are:

  • Store CDs standing up vertically.
  • Keep them in a low dust area.
  • Keep them in a cool, dry climate-controlled area with minimal light.
  • It’s best to keep CDs in the original case since they’re designed to protect the disc.
  • Always properly clean dirt and fingerprints from disc before storage.
  • Store CDs so it’s easy to read the artist and title.
  • Keep CDs easily accessible.
  • Find the best storage solution for your space from the options shared below.

CD Storage Ideas

The product images below are clickable links that take you directly to the products so you can explore the measurements, specifics and current prices.

Should I Keep CD Cases or Not

Before you can decide on the CD storage option for you, you have to answer the big question – do you want to keep your CDs in the cases or not?

Pros to Keeping CDs in Their Cases

  • The jewel case is designed to protect the compact disc. CDs are delicate. If you treasure your CD collections, you may want to keep them in the jewel cases.
  • The clear PVC case is designed to keep the CD covers, which include cover art, song list, lyrics and more, with the disc so it won’t get lost.
  • The case also protects the CD cover from wrinkling and tearing, just as it protects the disc from scratches and damage.
  • Having the original cases, CD cover and the disc all together increases the resale value.

Con’s to Keeping the CD Cases

  • The jewel cases take up space and triple or quadruple the amount of storage space you need.
  • If you have lots of CDs and have small spaces for storage, you may have difficulty finding enough storage space.
  • They take up more space.
  • It’s more cumbersome to transport multiple loose CD cases.

If you do decide to ditch the CD cases or DVD storage cases, be sure to check with your local recycling center to see if the plastic case can be recycled there. The cases are plastic, but not all recycling centers recycle that type of plastic.

You can check with your local free item groups to see if anyone would like to repurpose the jewel cases.

If you consider your old CDs archival, you may want to check out these tips for storing your treasured CD collections.

CD Storage Sleeves

Many people choose to store their CD collections in CD sleeves or DVD wallets. This reduces the amount of space needed for storage. Most often the CD sleeve is then used in conjunction with a storage box or container.

DVDs in black sleeves in clear tray.
package of white envelopes for CDs and DVDs.
multicolor box of sleeves for CDs and DVDs.

Many people prefer using CD storage books and binders because they provide quick and easy access to their collection – simply flip the page and slip the CD out of the pocket. That’s easier than fighting to open the CD case, removing the CD and then closing the case and putting it back away.

large black binder with sleeves holding 4 CDs each.
black binder with page holding 2 CDs.
white dividers with alphabet letters A through Z.

Furniture Storage Options

Many people choose to use an entertainment center, media center, bookcase or other type of furniture. Depending on the size of your collection, you may need a storage system for an entire wall in your living room or entertainment room.

wood bookcase holding CDs.

Multimedia bookshelves from Wayfair are shallower so CDs and DVDs fit perfectly.

rotating wood bookcase holding DVDs.

There are also great CD storage ideas for small rooms and smaller collections.

wood cabinet with one door open holding CDs and DVDs.
Wood CD storage rack with 9 shelves.
black metal curved stands holding CDs.

You can even find a cool, futuristic design that adds to your interior design and room decorations. There are CD storage solutions for every taste, budget and interior design style.

modern style metal and clear CD stand with 2 columns of 6 shelves.
black cabinet with shelves and wavy cabinet doors.
modern style metal and clear CD stand with 6 shelves.

Wall Mounted CD Storage

If you don’t have much floor space, a media shelf is a great way to store and display your own CDs.

black shelving unit with 18 compartments.

Wall shelves for CDs or DVDs are stylish and are great for renters.

2 black wall shelves with squares holding CDs and DVDs.

Wire rack CD storage shelf with a modern look from Wayfair.

6 silver wall shelves holding CDs and DVDs.
3 silver vertical DVD storage units with 4 shelves.
hand holding clear clamp on wall to hold DVDs.
white horizontal shelf  with 4 compartments holding DVDs and CDs.
4 wood and metal wall shelves holding DVDs.

Many of these over-the-door storage options can also be adapted for a narrow wall in addition to being hung on a door.

over-the-door black fabric basket storage rack.
silver over-the-door rack with 6 black baskets.

Media Shelf

These media shelves can be placed on a counter, on a bookcase shelf or on top of an entertainment center.

clear acrylic CD storage unit with 2 columns of slots.
dark grey wood look box holding CDs.
brown rack with 4 compartments holding CDs.
2-level black CD and DVD storage shelf.
black wire media storage rack.
clear acrylic tabletop CD holder.

CD Storage Box

These storage boxes are a popular way to store CDs and DVDs, especially when they’re stored in sleeves or envelopes. Check the dimensions of boxes, baskets and bins and you can also find some that work well with CD cases and DVDs in their case.

2 black storage boxes with lids and hand removing CD.
black open top storage bin for CDs with built-in handles.
2 silver wire mesh baskets with built-in handles.
black wood bin holding magazines.
5 black wire mesh bins with built-in handles.
leather-look spines of binders with white labels.
4 clear acrylic open top bins with built in handles.
4-drawer black unit with silver handles.
purple storage box with lid and silver accents.
clear plastic storage bin with compartments and hinged lid.
grey storage box with hinged lid and built-in handles
clear storage tub with 2 compartments lid.

Portable CD Storage

Grey fabric CD storage case with handle.

Storage Bag with handles – The clear, vinyl bag with handles stores 50 each and can be carried over the shoulder.

black wallet with clear CD sleeves.
black fabric CD case with handle.
black hard side case with white CD sleeves.
purple and black storage case with black handle.
black cylindrical case designed to hold CDs.
black fabric zippered binder with clear sleeves with slots for 4 CDs.
slim black metal 11 shelves.

DVD Storage Units

DVD storage solutions often work well for CDs and other media. Because DVD cases are larger than standard CD cases, DVDs storage will usually also work for CDs. And many will also be able to hold VHS tapes if you have those also in your collection.

black and sliver rotating bookcase.
large black bookcase with DVDs and CDs.
 2 white bookcases 5 shelves.

DIY and Creative CD Storage Ideas

Repurpose a wood shutter for vertical storage that can hang on the wall or lean against it. You can often find wood shutters in local recycling groups or at thrift stores. Your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a good option for shutters.

You can use the space between wall studs to build shelves for your CDs or collections of DVDs.

Create shelves in the industrial style with plumbing pipes and wood shelves.

Repurpose shoe boxes or photo storage boxes. You’ll either need to find a storage box tall enough to hold the CD case or leave the lid off the box.

Recycle a wood wine shipment crate or other shipping crate. You can often request free wine crates at your local grocery store or wine store.

Use a vintage soda crate or fruit crate sitting on a table or hung on a wall. Upcycle a wood clementine crate like the one I upcycled below.

wood crate painted red and decorated with comic book pages.

Using bookshelf units with adjustable shelves allows you to add more shelves so you can fit more CDs in the bookcase. Adjustable shelves also allow you to store vinyl records, video games, Blu-ray discs and other media.

Use a wine rack with square openings that will hold the CD cases.

rustic wood wine holder with 2 bottles.

Floating shelves work well for CD storage. It creates a modern look that can be incorporated into your home décor. Storage plus design.

Expert Tips for CD Storage

  • Before you start buying storage racks, consider:
    • How much space do you have?
    • How large is your CD collection (and DVD collection)?
    • Can you add shelves to the walls or do you need to choose free-standing furniture?
    • Are you keeping the CD cases or using sleeves?
    • What is your budget?
    • What are your DIY skills?
  • Consider your long-term purpose for your CDs:
    • Are you keeping your CDs for your own use and enjoyment?
      • You’ll want to find CD storage ideas that make it easy to find and access your music.
    • Are you keeping your CDs with an eye towards future resale value?
      • You’ll need storage options that will best protect your CD collection.
  • Find storage options that work best for your space and your lifestyle.
  • Determine whether you want to store your CDs out and visible, or hidden, but accessible.

Other Popular Storage Ideas

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Be sure to pin these CD storage ideas for later, because we both know you’ll be holding onto those CDs and DVDs for a lot longer and will probably be adding more to your collection.

You can find all our best organizing and storage ideas in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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