Halloween Gauze Wrapped Candy Bars

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It’s that time of year when the scent of candy and Halloween are in the air.  What is it about Halloween that makes it so much fun?  The candy?  Dressing up in costumes? Funny decorations?  Scary decorations?  Fog machines?  Candy?  I’m going with candy, specifically gauze wrapped candy bars.  And best of all, they’re frightfully easy to make.

3 diy gauze mummy crafts with googly eyes

 Simply wrap the gauze around the candy bar.  If you have regular gauze, just use a couple of pieces of double stick tape to keep the gauze in place. 

4 candy bars, bag of googly eyes and roll of gauze tape

Cut a small piece of black card stock for the eyes and glue the googly eyes to the card stock (we used a small piece of double stick tape instead of glue).   

close up of googly eyes on gauze wrapped candy bar

Use double stick tape to adhere the eyes to the mummy bar, tucking the top edge of the cardstock under the bottom edge of the gauze.

2 DIY gauze mummy crafts

How adorable are these mummy bars?!  They are so ridiculously easy and cute at the same time. 

overhead view of 3 DIY gauze mummy candy bars

I promise, after making a couple of these gauze wrapped candy bars, you’ll be addicted. Have fun making your own mummy bars.

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  3. Hi Susan – I was thinking that too… how perfect for a school or church event or something like that. I may have to make some for baseball snacks! I love your creativity and another fun crafting day with J! Hugs, Holly

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