Make Your Own Philadelphia Flyers Cookie

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One of the best things about Christmas at our house is the amazing decorated cookies my youngest daughter makes each year.  This year after she made cookies of her favorite book characters, she catered to her daddy’s interests and made sports cookies for him.  My husband is from Philly and I promise that he bleeds orange, black and white.  Of course, our entire family are big Flyers fans (we don’t have a choice). Can you believe that my second “baby” was able to make these Flyers Cookies all on her own?!

2 hand frosted cookies to look like Philadelphia Flyer players

We make cookies every year from a family recipe for the best decorated sugar cookies. My daughter decorates the gingerbread shaped cookies to resemble pop culture characters . 

2 frosted cookies next to bowl of black frosting with toothpick and knife

She simply uses store-bought frosting, food coloring, a knife and lots of toothpicks.  She mixes the colors up on her own using basic colors of food coloring.

Giroux Philadelphia Flyers frosted cookie

My husband asked for a Claude Giroux, the Flyers’ captain, cookie. (Can you believe my “baby” wrote G.I.R.O.U.X in frosting with a toothpick?!  I’m in awe of her determination.)

2 DIY frosted Philadelphia Flyers cookies

I don’t know who’s more excited about these cookies, my husband or me.  Now that I know my daughter can make Flyers cookies, I’m lobbying for an Elvis cookie for next year.

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  1. I remember the cookies from last year! She is one talented, and patient, girl! I bet they taste great too (if you can bring yourself to eat them!)

    1. Don’t tell anyone, but the cookies from this year joined the cookies from last year in the basement freezer. I can’t eat them and I can’t throw them away!

  2. Hi Susan – Oh my goodness, these are ADORABLE! You have some great talent in your family. These would be fun for a Super Bowl party too! Hugs, Holly

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