St. Patrick’s Day Candy Treat

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Originally published February 27, 2017 and updated March 1, 2021.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun low-key holiday, and a St. Patrick’s Day Candy Treat makes it even more fun, especially for children. This St. Patrick’s Day treat can be made in minutes, is both a frugal and earth friendly project, and perfect for gift giving or as party favors. 

2 glass jars with DIY belts and filled with green candy and clover cookie cutter in the background with title text reading Easy St. Patrick's Day Candy Craft

When I was growing up, St. Patrick’s Day was not a big deal at all (of course, maybe that’s because I grew up in Hawai’i where there’s not a large Irish population). But as a mom to three kids, I enjoy coming up with easy St. Patrick’s Day Candy treats, crafts and gifts.

I pulled these little glass jars from my stash of recycled glass jars, but you could easily purchase Mason jars if you don’t have your own stash of recycled jars. 

St. Patrick’s Day Candy Treat

How to Use These St. Patrick’s Day Candy Treats

  • Party Favors – At a school party or home party. These treats look great decorating tables and can be given out as individual party favors.
  • Neighbor Gifts – Share these gifts with neighbors. Leave them at the front door with a note. You can also use them as a St. Patrick’s Day twist on Booing your neighbors on Halloween.
  • Coworker Gifts – Make one for each coworker, leave them on their desk as a fun surprise.
  • For Your Child – If you make leprechaun traps, you can leave it next to the trap for your child to find. You can also leave it by their bedroom door or their seat at the breakfast table. Or-rrr as a surprise when they come home from school.


Small Glass Jars – I save small glass jars and repurpose them, but if you have young children, you could also use small plastic bottles or clear plastic cups.

Black and Gold or Silver Craft Vinyl – You can use paper and decoupage glue if you don’t have craft vinyl


Green-colored Candy – I stock up on candy at the after Christmas sales to save money

close-up of two small glass jars with DIY belt and belt buckle and jar is filled with green candy

Tutorial Steps

Simply cut a strip of black craft vinyl to make a belt. Cut a square of gold or silver craft vinyl for the belt buckle and add a smaller black square in the middle of the buckle. Fill your decorated jar with your favorite green-colored candy.

2 decorated small glass jars filled with green candy, with one jar tipped over and candy spilling out

Voila! In less than three minutes and for just pennies, you have an easy St. Patrick’s Day Candy treat.

These decorated gift jars make a great little gift for someone special on St. Patty’s Day. They’re also perfect as party favors for your St. Patrick’s day bash. For a children’s St. Patrick’s Day party, you could use plastic jars in place of the glass ones for safety. 

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a big way, a little way or not at all? Thanks to this easy and frugal St. Patrick’s Day Candy treat, you can celebrate this year along with my family.

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  1. I love this idea.. cute and simple. And you could use any candy that meets your dietary needs. If you don’t want candy, you could always fill it with green erasers or paper clips or some other consumable/needed item!

  2. I like those jars, they are very cute. That’s great that you use the candy from the after Christmas sales – very wise planning. I also like that you suggested plastic jars for a kids’ party.

  3. Thank you for always coming up with easy craft ideas for those of us who want to DIY but lack craft ability. This is right at my capability level and it’s such a cute idea!

  4. I love really easy crafts (as I am craft-challenged, lol). I also love celebrating holidays with my co-workers. I am planning on making these to hand out at work 🙂

  5. Really Cute Idea!! 🙂 I’m gonna use fabric for the belt and gold metallic paper for the buckle and green shamrocks around the jar, then decopodge over it all. How FUN!! Thanks for a neat project!!! I think I can peel it off and reuse the jar for another time too.

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