St. Patrick’s Day Treat Boxes

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fabric baskets with candy in them and labels with text readying Happy St. Patty's Day with title text reading Baskets from Fabric Napkins for St. Patrick's Day
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Do you remember the cute fabric baskets I made last week?  I sat and admired them for about 2 days, before I realized that I could use two of them for St. Patrick’s Day.  How lucky (little St. Patrick’s Day pun) that I’d used green fabrics!
I’ve been planning on sending 2 college care packages out this month.  I already knew I’d send homemade cookies, of course.  But I wanted to add a little something extra.  These boxes fit the bill as “little something extras” perfectly when filled with treats.  Once the treats are inhaled gone, the students can use the boxes for organization (never can have too much organization!).
fabric baskets with candy in them and labels with text readying Happy St. Patty's Day
I attached 2 of the tags I’d made {here} and they’re ready to be packed up and mailed out.
I just love when I can find a happy home for a craft project. 

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  1. These are a great St. Patty’s day project……I just love these napkin “baskets” that you have created. Thanks so much for sharing at March Madness

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