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Originally published August 1, 2017 and updated March 26, 2020.

This free August To Do List is a lifesaver in the second busiest month of the year for me (with December being the first.) Using my August To Do Checklist helps me get everything done that I need to so that I have time to enjoy the last month of summer. 

graphic of August to do list

There are so many things to get done before school starts and so many last things to do and enjoy for the summer as it’s winding down. I always feel a bit pinched in August as I try to make sure everything that needs to be done is but also that we still enjoy those treasured last days of summer.

August To Do List

I print out the August To Do Checklist at the end of July, add any additional tasks that aren’t listed and then purposefully work my way down the list. Knowing what tasks need to be accomplished this month allows me to schedule those tasks, get them done and also schedule summer fun time.

How to Print the August To Do List

You can download your own free printable copy of the August To Do Checklist

  • Click on the link above.
  • Right click on the image of the August To Do List.
  • Save the to do list pdf to your computer.
  • You can print the to do list as many times as you’d like for your own use.

How to Use the Checklist

Once you print out the August To Do List, keep it in your planner, at your family command center or in your Household Binder. Somewhere that it’s convenient for your use.

A big part of my August routine is to go through last year’s school clothes to figure out what will still fit and still work (Surprise! Children’s taste and style change over the summer. What was a favorite clothing item last school year may now be so horrific that it will never willingly be worn again).  

As you go through last year’s clothes, it’s the perfect time to make a shopping list so you’ll know exactly what you need when you head to the store for back-to-school shopping.

jeans and list of where to buy jeans made in America with title text reading Jeans Made in USA Shopping List Free Printable

I use my Jeans Made in the USA Shopping List printable when I go clothes shopping to help me look for jeans that are Made in America and my tips for How to Make Shoe Shopping Fun for Kids have always been a life saver. 

children's feet with athletic shoes above yellow gym equipment with title text overlay reading How to Make Shoe Shopping Fun for Kids

Back-to-School Clothing Tips for August

Another big part of getting ready for school is setting up our lunch station in the kitchen. Having a designated and organized lunchbox station makes our mornings less hectic and makes it easier for the kids to help prepare their own lunches.

These back-to-school lunch tips are key for smooth school mornings (and prepared lunches that actually make it out the door with the kids!).

collage of simple back to school ideas with lunches, clothes, and supplies with title text reading Simple Back-to-School Ideas Organizing, Parenting, Recipes, Crafts, Teacher Gifts & More

Since the entire purpose of of going back-to-school is learning and academic success, I also take time in August to set up a homework station and establish good study habits.

Whew! I’m exhausted already. I’m taking a deep breath, printing out my free printable copy of the August To Do List so that I can plan my to do tasks, get them done and enjoy the remainder of my summer before school starts back up.  If you want to look ahead, here’s the September To Do List.

For more simple and powerful productivity tips, hacks and printables, see the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. We just went through my youngest son’s school clothes this weekend, and he outgrew them all! So, we headed to the store, and thankfully the school uniforms were on sale. I haven’t been as lucky finding really good school supply sales this year, so we’re going to have to go tomorrow anyway and see what we can find. School starts in less than 2 weeks! I also just put his lunchbox aside to be washed, I’m going to try hand washing it and hope it comes clean.

    1. I still can’t believe that it’s really time for school to start already, Brenda. My fingers are crossed for you that the lunchbox will clean up for you.

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