How to Organize for Easter

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There’s just a few more weeks until Easter (and Passover).  Have you started making your holiday plans? If you haven’t don’t worry, I’ve got a bunch of tips for you on how to organize for Easter. 

How to Organize for Easter - Organized 31

Easter Meal

Plan your holiday menu a week or two in advance. 

Consider your guests’ dietary restrictions in planning the menu.

Since holiday menus are often not popular with children, include dishes that younger children will enjoy.

Use my Holiday Meal Planner (free printable) to help you create your shopping list.

Egg Decorating

Mark your calendar now with your egg decorating date.  If you don’t plan for the time to decorate eggs, it can easily get lost in other holiday preparations (ask how I know). 

Purchase eggs and dye kits early so they don’t run out in the store. I usually purchase my dye kits on sale after Easter (when I can find them) and pack them away with our Easter decorations for the following year.

Easy Dyed Easter Egg Design - Organized 31

If you have younger children, plan easy and fun ways for them to participate in egg decorating.  Check out this easy egg decorating trick.

Fun Easter Eggs from a Store-Bought Kit - Organized 31

Encourage older kids’ creativity by having them decorate eggs as their favorite story or  cartoon characters

Easter Baskets

Determine who you will be making baskets for, their interests and potential allergies. 

Easter Basket Stuffers - Organized 31

Brainstorm alternatives to candy as basket stuffers, like these bunny crayons.

Consider where to hide basket stuffers.  I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny himself hides Easter baskets in an unmarked box in the back of his closet.

Plan now for how you’ll clearly identify each child’s Easter basket.  I’ve been seen when a child was ecstatic one second with his basket and devastated the next when he was told that was not his basket but another child’s.  The Easter bunny leaves the basket in each child’s bedroom doorway in our house, but he’s also known to add a label with the child’s name to the handle of each basket in other homes. 


Taking a few extra minutes when you pack away your decorations, will make unpacking them next year much easier.

Inventory the decorations that you pack in each box.  Place the inventory on top inside the box or attach a clear page protector inside the lid of the box to hold the inventory sheet.

Pack like decorations with like in each box.  Clearly label the outside of each box with the category of decorations. 

You can find even more tips on packing holiday decorations and tips on storing decorations

How to Organize for Easter - Organized 31

What tips do you use that I’ve missed in how to organize for Easter?

Check out these fun Easter ideas from Corinne, at Wondermom Wannabe.

purple Easter basket graphic with colorful eggs.

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  2. I love all of your ideas for an organized Easter. Since I just have one child, I never really thought about the consequences of one child finding another’s basket. You have solved that problem. I have learned to keep all holiday decorations in different boxes and clearly marked!

  3. These are all great tips! You’ve covered every aspect of Easter. Thanks for all of the ideas, especially the different ways to decorate the eggs. Our usual method is getting a little boring.

  4. Hi Susan – I love all of the ideas, especially to mark the date for egg coloring and to buy the kit early (or on sale). I remember once a few years ago we were a little behind and the grocery store was out of eggs and I had to drive to another store to purchase them. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips and also my craft too! Hugs, Holly

  5. I love your amazing ideas such a beautiful ideas love it colour full egg such a beautiful concept 🙂

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