What to Do with Extra Halloween Candy

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Wondering what to do with extra Halloween candy? Recipes and crafts that use candy.

Did you over buy Halloween candy this year?  Did your kids come home with the mother of all candy hauls?  Do you just not want all that extra candy laying around in your house?  Are you wondering what to do with extra Halloween candy?  Here are 17 ideas and 16  recipes to help you out.

A child’s dream and parents’ nightmare – a humongous pile of Halloween candy. That pile of candy is so beautiful and such a source of joy and pride Halloween night. But each day after it can become a point of contention. These are ideas that I’ve used with my three children and the ginormous piles of candy we’ve had in our house.  

What to Do with Extra Halloween Candy

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1.  Save it for advent calendar gifts. My mom always did this when I was growing up.

2.  Save it for stocking stuffers.

3.  Donate it to a homeless shelter.

4. Chop it up and use for Candy Bar cookies.

5.  Donate it to your local fire station or police station.

6.  Add a label with a thank you and show your appreciation by giving it to a service worker.

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7.  Use as part of a College Care package.

8.  Donate it to your school, child care or church to use as incentives in the treasure box.

9.  Add it to a box you send to a deployed service member.

10.  Donate it to a nursing home.

11.  Use it to make end-of-season gifts for sports teams or activity groups.

Learn how to make a candy lei with this simple tutorial. A candy lei is the perfect gift to celebrate graduation, a birthday or an arrival or departure.

12. Make a candy lei.

13.  Add to a  Care Kit

14.  Keep (the non-melting) candy in a plastic bag in the car as part of your emergency kit.

15.  Use as treat in a Godzilla Egg party favor

16.  Use it to thank our veterans.

Easy Candy Wreath - Organized 31

17. Make a Candy Wreath

Use candy in these family-favorite recipes:

Mini Finger Pies – Uses Butterfinger candy bars.

Rolo Pretzel Surprise Cookies – Uses Rolo candy.

Captain America Cupcakes – Uses M&Ms candy.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies – Uses Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Ideas that look like wizard spell books are easy to make. Really! Make them to look like your favorite fantasy book or movie. [ad]

Spell Book Rice Krispies Treats – Uses individual Rice Krispies Treats and mini cookies. 

Candy Bar Cookies – Uses chopped candy bars.

10 Best Candy Bar Cookie Recipes – There’s something for everyone in this collection of recipes.

What tips do you have for using up extra Halloween candy?

More recipe ideas


Rolo Pretzel Surprise Cookies
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  2. Hi Susan – We took a huge tray full of leftover food from our Halloween party (BBQ, meatballs, etc) over to the local fire station. They are so appreciative. We are fortunate enough to live close to a military base, so I actually did a neighborhood collection and we have 20-30 bags to deliver to the Wounded Warrior Family Center to be split between the center and the USO to be sent to our troops overseas. I hate being wasteful and love being able to bring some smiles and sunshine to others. Hugs, HOlly

    1. It doesn’t surprise me that you would be so generous in helping your community. It’s one of the reasons I like you, my friend.

  3. Oh goodness, I love these ideas!!!! There is always so much that is either not liked, or just sits. Now I can make them into something new! šŸ™‚

  4. Cute ideas; we typically use a few for some fun candy science experiments and then send the bulk of it to work with my husband for all his co-workers.

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