Free Craft Ribbon Storage

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Like most crafters, I have too much lots of ribbon. Storing it neatly and so it’s both visible and accessible was a problem. Since we move every 2-3 years, I don’t want to invest in anything permanent or more expensive than …. free. I have a happy sunny craft room in my current home. But some day when my husband retires from the military and we stop moving, I’m going to have the most elaborate and beautiful craft room ever. Until then, I’m sticking with practical and as close to free as possible craft organizing tricks. My free craft ribbon storage hack is one of my favorites.

a close up of spools of ribbon with title text overlay reading Free Craft Ribbon Storage

This is one of the early organizing ideas I shared. I’d been blogging about 3 months and we lived in our previous home. I didn’t have a craft room at that time, just a desk in the corner of the master bedroom and a bunch of tubs of supplies stuffed into my closet. Thankfully, in our current home I do have a bright, sunny craft room

left image is a white box tied with a white ribbon, right image is an open white box full of spools of ribbon

I had been storing my ribbon in a box from a baby shower gift I received 10 years ago. It worked, but not optimally. I kept the box closed, stored with my other craft supplies and would forget what ribbon I had. I rarely thought to dig the box of ribbon out for a project since it was “out of sight, out of mind.”

 Free Craft Ribbon Storage

spools of ribbing in a Recycled berry container

 My solution? Berry containers, specifically, strawberry containers.

Recycled berry container ribbon storage with arrows pointing to ribbon coming out of the slots on the bottom of the container

The ribbon spools fit perfectly into the box. I simply pulled the ribbon tails through the slots at the bottom of the container and it works perfectly when you pull the ribbon out. I  left the strawberry label on the box, I think it’s simple and charming.  But you could easily remove the label to have a clear box or even decorate the box.  I just prefer the simplicity of the clear box with a small label.

spools of ribbon stored in 4 Recycled berry containers

The containers even stack well.  Nice feature, since no crafter I know would have only one container of ribbon!  These would be easy to stack and store on top of a craft table or a shelf in a craft area.

spools of ribbon stored in 2 Recycled berry containers inside a bread box
 I store my favorite ribbons in strawberry boxes in a bread box on top of my craft table (my childhood desk)  and the second string (not my favorite) ribbons in strawberry boxes kept in a drawer in the desk.    
I’m thinking that the “temporary” strawberry box solution may become permanent.  Functional AND saved from the landfill, how can I say no to that? Free craft ribbon storage ideas are the best, aren’t they?!
a close up of spools of ribbon with title text overlay reading Free Craft Ribbon Storage
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  1. Dag nabit, I thought I had and original idea when I started doing this last summer. But it’s great to see a great idea going public.

  2. Melanie, whether it was original or not, it is a brilliant idea! 🙂 And I’m happy to meet another repurposing girl.

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