Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing – Clean Eating

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I’m excited to be participating in the It’s All Greek to Me Anniversary Tour and sharing a simple and delicious Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing that’s perfect for salads, marinades and more. And it’s a clean eating recipe, too!

I was able to review the It’s All Greek to Me Cookbook several months ago. As we’ve tried recipes from the cookbook, my family has found that we lo-ove Greek food. Opa!  Two of our favorite recipes are the Spanakopita Spinach Feta Pie and the Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing.

cookbook, bowl of dressing with whisk, 2 lemons garlic, bag of salt and bottle of olive oil on white wood table

You can whip this Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing up in minutes, which is great because we’re making it often in our home.

I love that this Greek Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing is a clean eating recipe. My family started moving towards clean(er) eating about two years ago. I look for ways to reduce the additives in our food. There’s more than enough junk in our world, I don’t need to add it into our diet and foods, too.

Clean Eating Greek Lemon Olive Oil Salad Dressing

An easy way to start clean eating is to start with your salad dressings. It just makes sense to put a clean eating dressing on your naturally clean eating salad. And making this dressing only takes minutes, so it’s an easy ways to start cleaning up your food. 

overhead view of square white bowl of salad with piece of bread and bottle of salad dressing on white wood table

The dressing is so light and fresh tasting. It was delicious on a salad.  We’ve also used it as a wonderful marinade for steak and chicken.

And it would also be amazing drizzled over fresh veggies as a snack.

Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing Clean Eating Recipe

square white bowl of salad with fork and bottle of salad dressing next to cook book

 Now that Spring is here, this Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing is perfect for so many meals. Check out the other delicious recipes from It’s All Greek to Me. 

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  1. I love this cookbook. The recipes all use fresh, natural ingredients that I’d love to make and the information about Greece, along with Debbie’s tips are wonderful bonuses! This dressing is the perfect representation of the cookbook – simple, flavorful, and wholesome. I love the idea of using it as a marinade!

  2. I learned about the Mediterranean diet when Big was in the hospital a couple of years ago. I have been adding more dishes like this to our menu. This salad dressing is perfect because it is easy to make and I know it would be so fresh tasting!

  3. Greek food is one of our favorites and my kids love it when I make greek salad, especially when you add some yummy grilled chicken on top.

  4. I would use the lemon olive oil as a marinade for chicken breast before grilling. We love Greek food but we don’t get it very often. About a month ago I made a big Greek meal for my daughter. I made gyro meat, saffron rice, pitas and a big salad with black olives and homemade yogurt sauce. It was very complicated but delicious.

    1. Crystal, that meal sounds amazing! I’m sure your daughter appreciated it a lot. (feel free to invite me over next time you tackle a big Greek meal!)

  5. The salad that you have pictured here looks divine. I would serve that with the salad dressing and a good loaf of bread for a light and delicious summer meal, eaten outdoors, of course! 🙂

  6. i think i would marinate some chicken in it and grill it. and make a salad dressing with it to go on a nice greek salad. sounds like a delicious summer dinner to me!

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